Curiosities about the giraffes

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a giraffe. Here she was, eating the fruits of a tree. It was very elegant, large in size with that beautiful, long neck that makes them so special. The first curiosity we will mention is that each giraffe has a specific pattern of spots , which is not repeated exactly in any other specimen of its species. It’s part of your DNA.

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Giraffes are striking animals, seem to have a strange but at the same time interesting mixture of camel with dinosaur diplococus (the long-necked) and jaguar (by their spots). They always have a delicate appearance and are in fact known as very quiet animals and herbivorous feeding.

Certainly what happened to him when he first saw a giraffe, and wondered about many things about him. Continue reading this article from Animal Expert where we unveil various curiosities about giraffes .

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The behavior of giraffes

Giraffes do not like sleeping very much, they are quiet but active when it comes to sleep. By day, they only sleep between 10 minutes to 2 hours , this amount of time seems to be sufficient for their correct functioning. They spend most of their lives standing up, doing almost everything in this position, including sleeping and giving birth.

Humans have much to learn from the behavior of giraffes. These animals are not only peaceful but also very peaceful . They rarely fight, even in mating rituals, which last for at most 2 minutes, when males intertwine their horns to gain the female.

Giraffes also do not drink a lot of water because they get it indirectly from the plants and fruits they eat. They can drink water only once for several days without dehydration.

The physiology of the giraffe

As I said earlier, each giraffe is unique. It has its own pattern of blemishes that varies in size, shape and even color. Males are darker and females lighter. This is good for researchers because they can identify each specimen more easily.

Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world, including newborn babies, they may be taller than any human being. They are authentic athletes who can reach speeds up to 20 km / hour, and in just one step can advance up to 4 meters.

Its 50cm tongue serves as a hand, with it can pick up, hold and access to everything. This is known as “prehensile language”. So does the elephant’s trunk.

Other curiosities of the giraffe

Most of your communication is non-verbal. This makes one think that the giraffes do not emit any sound, however, this is part of a false myth. Giraffes make flutter-like noises and murmurs, and emit other low-pitched and low-pitched sounds that go beyond the reach of the human ear. To the experts, this aspect in the giraffes, remains a world to discover.

In some new religions like the “New Age”, giraffes are considered as a symbol of flexibility and intuition. Its scientific name ” Camelopardalis ” means: the camel marked as a leopard, which walks quickly.

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