10 curiosities about dolphins

The dolphins are creatures of the animal kingdom most popular, charismatic and intelligent there. With that expression that seems to be always smiling, they are a symbol of joy and freedom. Dolphins inspire positive things, such as not remembering the famous Flipper, a dolphin who seemed to be very happy.

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Dolphins are one of the largest species in the world. There are more than 30 species of dolphins navigating the oceans and rivers of the planet. They are considered the sea dogs because they are very friendly and relate very well with humans.

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg, our favorite marine animals are very interesting and complex creatures. Of course, there are many things you do not know about them. In this article by YourCatCareguide we reveal 10 curiosities about dolphins .

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Dolphins, an unknown world

We started the list of 10 dolphin curiosities that we did not know with a really impressive fact: dolphins are familiar to whales , this includes killer whales. In fact whales are a type of dolphin, since both are part of the cetacean family.

A big family

They are very social among them and love to hunt, play and swim together. Large groups of dolphins can get 1000 copies . Imagine being on a boat and witnessing this amount of dolphins at the same time. A real show!

Although the previous figure may be high and leads us to believe that there are a large number of dolphins, some of their species are in serious danger of extinction, such as the pink dolphin. If you want to know more about the dangers to which the animal kingdom is exposed, do not miss our article in which we tell you which are the 10 animals in danger of extinction in the world .

Dolphin-roaz, a true master

The dolphin-roaz species are born teachers. To hunt and dig on the seabed and among the rocks, do not use your mouth or beak to be hurt, instead learn from each other to use materials they encounter while swimming.

The extraordinary intelligence of dolphins

Another of the curiosities about the most flashy dolphin is that they are said to be more intelligent and evolved than the monkeys . Your brain is incredibly similar to the brain of a human being.

Curiosities about dolphin mothers

Depending on the species, the gestation process of a dolphin may last up to 17 months. Dolphin mothers tend to be very affectionate, expressive and protective, and do not separate from their offspring .

You can hear 10 times more than we

As far as the senses are concerned, dolphins can see almost perfectly both in and out of the water, feel very good through touch, and although they have no sense of smell , their ears compensate for all of this. These animals can hear frequencies 10 times the upper limit of adult humans.

The origin of dolphins

The dolphins have come a long way to get to where they are. They are descendants of terrestrial mammals that have returned to the waters more than 50 million years ago. Interestingly, other animals that descended from the same terrestrial mammals evolved differently, such as the giraffes and the hippopotamus. All animals turn out to be relatives.

They know the meaning of death

Dolphins feel and suffer in a very similar way to humans. They feel pain and can get to suffer from stress. It turned out that dolphins are aware of their own mortality, that is, that they know that at some point they will leave this land, and therefore some of them prefer to take reyes and commit suicide. In this way, another of the most shocking dolphin curiosities is that, together with Man, they are the only animals capable of committing suicide. The most common forms of suicide are: colliding with violence against something, stopping eating and breathing.

Communication of dolphins

To communicate with each other they use a very developed and sensitive method called ” echolocation “. This method works to navigate long distances for a long time, send signals to find prey, avoid obstacles and predators. How it works? It consists of the emission by a dolphin of a range of sounds in the form of bursts of sound impulses that help another dolphin and another to analyze the surrounding environment as the echo of sound comes. Sound is picked up by lower jaw teeth that absorb sound vibrations.

They feel the suffering of their

To conclude this list of 10 curiosities about dolphins , we can say that not only are they intelligent animals, but also very sensitive to the suffering of another dolphin. If a dolphin is dying, others will come to help and support you, they will take you all to a point above the water level where you can breathe through the upper hole of your body known as “spiraculo.

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