Creating Mandarins

The mandarin diamond is a very small, docile and active bird. There are many people who find this animal a great pet, as well as a possibility to raise a bird in captivity.

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They often breed several times a year, about 5 to 7 eggs each, and it is not difficult to carry out even if you do not have experience.

For this reason, today it is not just the professional or amateur creators who carry out this process, because anyone who wants can start and discover the wonderful experience of creating mandarins . Learn everything in this article from YourCatCareguide.

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The perfect partner

To begin with, you should look for a pair of diamond mandarins. You can adopt looking for copies in different houses of welcome or opt for the creators.

Look for two adult specimens that are not related to each other, and if you want a variety of offspring, you can select a common gray and a yellowish one for example. It is also ideal to obtain two copies that have different physical characteristics so that they can be compensated between them.

At the start you will not have any problems of coexistence once together. The breeding season is during the spring although the mandarins breed all year round.

The Mandarin Diamond Breeding Cage

To control and observe the whole process we recommend that you use a cage for reproduction , that is, a small cage. Look for a 50 x 45 for example.

In the cage can not miss the food in mandarin diamond seeds, fresh and clean water and siba bone. Do not use too many toys to reduce excess movement inside the cage. You can add Tabernil in the water (vitamins) and offer in one of the containers of the food cereals and insectivora, all this favors the health of the mandarin and also the reproduction.

Add a closed nest , which is your favorite, at the top of the cage and leave it at your fingertips in the sun by the hair you find for sale at pet stores. You’ll see how one of the two (or both) will start picking it up and putting it inside the nest.

Copulation and reproduction

Once the partner is in the cage with the nest will begin the dating . The male will begin to sing for the female to conquer it, it may be that in the beginning does not occur copulation, have patience.

You will see how the male will begin to return on top of the female while it emits quite particular sounds, this is because the copulation is being performed.

Once the female is fertilized it will not be long before the eggs are placed in the nest. It is important that you do not touch anything . It is very important that you give them space and that you observe them at a distance and with care, otherwise they will leave the nest.

Keep offering them food so that everything happens in the best conditions.

Reproduction, Incubation and Birth

The female will begin to lay eggs, it is important to be careful if you listen to making weak and sad sounds. If you see that for a day does not lay any eggs and is very swollen, it can be a trapped egg . This happens in young copies. In this case you should pick it carefully and caress the belly to facilitate the expulsion of the egg. If she still can not get you expelled and your condition worsens, take her to the vet right away.

Once you have put the fifth egg, the Mandarin partner will help incubate them. It is a very special moment because both parents participate in this process together. During the day they usually do it by turns and at night they will both sleep in the nest.

In the period of a 13-15 days the first chicks will begin to be born . You will hear how they will sound to beg their parents for food. It is important that you do not lack the breeding supplement at this point and that it continues without touching them, it is normal that there are feces in the nest,

Mandarin Diamond Growth

At 6 years old it is advisable to put on the washers, although many servants prefer not to do so since they can injure the birds’ paws. Therefore, this is at your discretion.

The days go by and you will see that the Mandarin diamond chicks have begun to grow , the feathers will start to come out, they will spend more time in each shot, and so on.

If one of the chicks is expelled from the nest, this may be because it is a weak or sick specimen that the parents do not want to feed. In this case you can start doing it yourself with a syringe or let nature follow its natural course.


If you are going to feed a mandarin diamond yourself , so that it becomes your faithful friend, you must separate it from your parents in 20 or 25 days. It is still a baby and for this reason for at least another 15 or 20 days you should feed it as your parents would:

  • Whistle and it will respond to you when you are hungry
  • Introduce the food slowly into your throat with a small syringe
  • Touch your throat and you will see that it is full

If you do not do it properly, your little mandarins may die, so be consistent.

If they are not was your option , leave it with your parents up to 35 or 40 days old. At that time the mandarin diamond should already have the black peak and be practically developed.

Separate them from the parents once these 35 or 40 days have passed, if you do not, the male will start chasing them because you may want to start a new breeding.

Location of new birds

We recommend that you separate Mandarin diamonds by sex , as this will avoid conflict, jealousy, and consanguinity (you may try to breed between family members). You can look for a cage of 1 meter in length by 70 of width so that each group of birds is comfortable and has space to fly. If instead you want them all together you should look for a collective cage.

Remember that the basic elements for the mandarin diamond cage are:

  • Shell sand not only
  • Branches and wooden sticks
  • Fresh and clean water
  • Seeds, fruits and vegetables
  • Bone of calcium or calcium

We hope this article has been helpful to you, you can either evaluate it positively or leave your comment if you wish.

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