To cut the nails to a cat

A delicate moment in the care of the cat is the cut of the nails , the felines usually do not like anything of this moment, in addition to being uncomfortable for them. But it is important to cut them to avoid doing damage, either in the furniture of home or even to ourselves. So it is important to learn how to interact with them so that we can complete this task and make it as uncomfortable as possible for them. To help you, in this article of YourCatCareguide we are going to give some tips to know to cut the nails to a cat .

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To cut the nails step by step

It is important to have a lot of patience but we must also know exactly how we should do it, what moment to choose, etc. It is therefore important to follow the following recommendations to make this process easier:

  1. He must have used it since childhood to cut his nails, so he will see this as something normal and normal, because if you only teach when the cat is already adult, the process will be longer and stressful for you but especially for the cat.
  2. The moment to choose is fundamental, the cats are independent but also seek our affection at certain times of the day, being able to have the habit of asking for caresses at a certain moment of the day. If it is the case of your cat, you should take this moment to cut your nails. See our article on cutting the cat’s nails .
  3. You should take it easy, you can not pick up the scissors and start simply cutting your nails. You must first get the cat to let you touch it with your hand on the paws, as it is something that cats do not usually like. So take it easy and go touching his paws.
  4. It is important for the cat to see the scissors as harmless , so let him see it, smell it, play with it, touch it with his paws, to get used to it.
  5. If you think that the cat will try to escape, then it is best to get the help of another person, preferably someone he already knows and is accustomed to, otherwise he will only become more stressed and scared. But always try to do this procedure alone, because two people, even if known to him, can stress the cat even more.

How to cut the cat’s nails and with what?

It is very important to buy a specific scissors for cutting your cat’s nails, you can not use any as they will be harmful to them. In this way, you should always use special cat scissors.

It is very important that you do not cut your nails too much, you should just cut them off the tip . If you cut more than this, you can cut off the vein they have on the nail and this will hurt the cat a lot, so if it is the first time you will cut nails into the cat, go to the vet so this will teach you how to do it, correct it.

Tips for cutting the cat’s nails

In case of accidentally cutting too much, it is good to have hand-made styptic powder to stop bleeding immediately and cause the cat to suffer as little as possible.

Although there are operations to completely eliminate the cat’s nails, you should know that this is not a solution as it will only be damaging to your cat’s health. In addition, in many regions this type of procedure is prohibited.

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