Seizures in dogs – Causes and Treatment

Like humans, the dog may experience convulsions, which are nervous crisis that represent the most frequent canine emergencies. Seizures associate a disturbance of motor activity with changes in sensitivity and consciousness. Seizures in dogs can have many causes and each of these corresponds to a treatment and certain care provided by the veterinarian.

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For the owner, seeing your dog with seizures can be very stressful or even traumatizing because he does not know how to react, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will explain the causes and treatment of seizures in the dog to better understand this shocking phenomenon and for what learn how to deal with seizures in dogs .

Causes of seizures

Many causes can lead to seizures in our dogs:

  • Traumatic Causes : Cranioencephalic trauma can cause seizure problems both at the time of trauma and later. So if your puppy suffers convulsions, when going to the veterinarian should tell you if your puppy has suffered some type of trauma.
  • Tumor Causes : Brain tumors may be responsible for seizures, especially in an adult dog. In this case the convulsions may be accompanied by neurological disorders such as difficulty in walking, changes in behavior, vision, ways of keeping the head strange. The tumor cause hypothesis should be considered if no other cause is found. Discover some alternative therapies for dogs with cancer .
  • Metabolic Causes : In the dog, hypoglycemia and other metabolic changes are important factors in seizures. So it is likely that your veterinarian performs blood tests to rule out possible metabolic changes.
  • Infectious causes : Some infectious diseases can cause seizures during the disease or as sequelae after infection. The anger, the pseudoraiva and the distemper. So all people who are in front of a dog in convulsion without knowing its origin or without knowing if it has been vaccinated must act very carefully.
  • Congenital Causes : Cerebral malformations are frequent causes of seizures in dogs, the most notable is hydrocephalus. It is characterized by an excess of cerebrospinal volume and can cause epilepsy . This malformation is more frequent in certain species: Poddle dwarf, Chihuahua, Yorkshire and manifests at birth by a domed skull. Another very prominent malformation that can cause seizures is lysencephaly, which especially affects dogs of the Lhasa Apso breed.
  • Toxic cause : An intoxication with some drug or a product of human use harmful to your dog can cause seizures. If, after performing a clinical examination, and the necessary evidence, the veterinarian is unable to ascertain the cause of the seizures, seizures are considered without apparent cause, ie, they are idiopathic. Discover some of the poisonous dog plants and check your garden to make sure this is not the cause.

How to deal with a seizure crisis

  1. To begin with the most important is to remain calm , then we have to prove that what surrounds the dog can not hurt you while you are having the seizures. For example, make sure that no object can cari on your dog, or if you are on a sofa or bed move it carefully and place it on the floor on top of a soft blanket.
  2. You should call your veterinarian urgently given that severe and long seizures can be fatal.
  3. Children and other animals should be taken to another room.
  4. Watch your puppy to be able to tell your vet if the crisis lasts more than 3 minutes or if the crises continue to happen.
  5. After calling the vet, stand by your dog to comfort him as soon as the crisis is over. Wrap your dog with cushions without moving it, so you will not get hurt by banging your head on the floor. Make sure the dog does not have his head back and pull his tongue out of his mouth .
  6. Do not try to make it stop, you can not hear or understand it at that moment. Avoid sound or light stimulations that are too much stress that may favor a prolongation of the seizures. Lower the intensity of the light in the room as much as you can and do not shout.
  7. Then you will have to go to the vet or he will have to come to your house to help your dog.

Treatment of seizures

The veterinarian must establish a treatment according to the cause that will determine his diagnosis. You should know that, with the exception of point seizures by intoxication for example, in an epileptic dog, it is impossible to reduce the seizures to zero. The veterinarian will determine an acceptable seizure frequency in the case of your puppy, which will be the goal of the treatment.

But if you start anti-epileptic treatment , you should never stop the outbreak because this could produce another serious effect and cause even more seizures. In addition, in the case of anti-epileptic drugs, one should not forget to give the dog no dose, nor delay and give it an hour later. It should be very precise and timely when giving the medication to your dog in this type of problems.

Seizures are a serious problem in the dog and the crises are often shocking to the owner, but you can help your dog by following the advice of your veterinarian and adjusting the treatment and care that will give your dog depending on the cause of his seizures. At YourCatCareguide we want to motivate you to discover life together with a dog with epilepsy and to see it in a positive and healthy way for a healthy and happy dog .

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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