Contraceptive Methods for Puppies

Deciding to adopt a dog and bring it home is a great responsibility, which is not only to meet the needs of our pet and try to provide you the best welfare possible, but also it is necessary to be responsible for the reproduction of our dog .

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will talk about the different methods of contraception for dogs that you can use.

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Surgical contraceptive methods for puppies

Surgical methods irreversibly and permanently affect the reproduction of our pet and can be used in both males and females. However, in the case of a surgical intervention, we must follow the advice and recommendations of the veterinarian, who will tell you the risks in each specific case and will advise you of the best intervention to carry out the sterilization.

  • In females : ovariohysterectomy is usually performed, that is, removal of the ovaries and uterus. After this procedure the bitch can not become pregnant or show sexual behavior. There is a second option known as laparoscopic sterilization where the intervention is not as aggressive but still achieves equally satisfactory results, however, the cost is much higher and may be little affordable.
  • In males : the safest of surgical contraceptive methods for puppies is orchiectomy, which involves the removal of the testicles. This does not synthesize spermatozoa and, in addition, there is a decrease in the sexual behavior of the dog, as well as in the territoriality and instinct of dominance. However, the simplest method is vasectomy, where a removal of the vas deferens carrying the sperm is performed. With this, the dog is unable to reproduce but its sexual behavior remains intact.

Chemical Contraceptive Methods for Puppies

When we talk about chemical methods we are talking about the use of synthetic hormonesthat interact with our animal’s organism, more specifically with the central nervous system, which by capturing high levels of hormones suppresses the natural hormonal cycle of our pet.

Contrary to what one might initially think, this method is not only valid for bitches, but also for males. Once the hormones are stopped, the animal’s reproductive cycle returns to normal.

  • In females : the hormones we administer will aim to prevent ovulation of the bitch and, therefore, a possible pregnancy. For this purpose we can use female progestins or hormones (medroxyprogesterone acetate, megestrol acetate and progesterone acetate) or male androgens or hormones (testosterone and mibolerone). Although different types of implants can be used, these hormones are usually given orally.
  • In males : in males the administration of chemical hormones is done by intratesticular injection and sometimes, in addition to administering hormones, irritants are administered that aim to alter the functionality of the ducts that carry the spermatozoa, thus preventing the mobility of the same. These contraceptive methods are known as chemical vasectomy and orchiectomy .

Before using chemical methods to control the reproduction of our pet, the veterinarian should perform a physical exploration, which can be complemented by analytical tests. In addition, it will take into account the complete history of the animal, since these drugs can cause several side effects as well as change the sexual characteristics. In addition, some substances used in chemical methods, still need a greater number of studies that evaluate its use.

Other contraceptive methods for puppies

The contraceptive methods for puppies that we show you are the most used options, however, in the case of the bitches also the possibility of introducing an intrauterine device that mechanically blocks the entrance of the vagina and prevents the pregnancy. However, the placement of this device requires a major surgery and it is very complex to fit it in the vagina of each bitch, therefore, its use is not usually recommended .

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