Dog Diaper – Complete Guide!

Your dog is getting old, starting to have urinary problems due to age, or your dog has suffered some trauma and now he has no more voluntary control to hold urine and stool.

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Your veterinarian then tells you that your dog needs diapers, but you know very little or almost nothing about dog diapers or your dog already wears diapers and you would like more tips. Here at YourCatCareguide we present you a complete guide on Dog Diapers , correct way to use, indications and special care that should be taken with dogs that need to wear diapers.

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Puppy Nappy

As much as we find practical use of dog diapers in puppies, such as in situations where the dog has not yet learned to pee in the correct place and you want to avoid much dirt around the house, especially when you take your puppy to walking in public places such as malls or homes of relatives and friends, the use of diapers for puppies is not recommended by experts in the case of a perfectly healthy puppy.

Just to avoid dirt is not the actual indication of use of the puppy diapers, and this can even make it difficult to learn the fillhote to urinate in the correct place . In addition, it can deprive the puppy of its basic needs , since dogs like to lick themselves to clean themselves, they may feel uncomfortable and take off the diaper, ripping it off and swallowing a piece accidentally.

The ideal for puppies is to always have the patience to teach you properly where to make your needs, keeping in mind that it is a daily teaching and not something that the puppy learns overnight. If you have to take your puppy to a friend’s house, ask your friends and relatives patiently to explain that he is still a puppy and is learning. If you want to walk your puppy in the mall, be sure to take it only when you have the complete vaccination protocol, which will give you enough time to teach you the places where it can not pee including public places.

Until the puppy learns, accidents can happen, so always have a cleaning kit with you.

Dog Nappy Pinscher

With companion dogs such as Pinscher, ShihTzu, Spitz and others, many pet tutors are bombarded with dog diaper advertisements or panties.

However, the recommendation not to wear a diaper on a healthy dog ​​is always the same. What’s more, the recommendation for diapering in dogs is the same as in humans, so as soon as the dog gets dirty, it must be changed immediately .

Old Dog Diaper

The recommendation for the use of diapers is when we have an elderly dog ​​with problems of urinary or fecal incontinence , or in cases of postoperative , or even in cases in which one has a deficient dog. The diaper replacement is usually done about 4 or 5 times a day , as you should always keep the dog’s hygiene, with a clean diaper, to avoid infection by bacteria.

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Diaper for bitches in heat

In the case of bitches in heat the use of diapers can be indicated since they prevent them from dirtying the house, the walk, the sofa and the furniture with blood, but for this, the dog must be accustomed to the accessory and the diaper or panties in this case, it should not be left outright, since the bitch will know that that accessory is not for her to do her needs, because she will understand that it is a clothing, and she may feel uncomfortable when she is too tight to urinate or defecate.

It is also good that the tutor knows that the diaper does not serve to prevent the cross, then castrate your dog or keep the male away from the female until the end of heat.

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Floor Diaper or Diaper Dog T-shirt

The floor diaper, also known as diaper pad, is actually a product called a hygienic rug , and as the name says, it is not something that you put on the dog. The floor mat or floor mat is for you to put on the floor of the house or apartment and it is there that you can teach your dog to do his / her needs.

It does not harm the dogs as they are able to learn that the right place to pee and poop is in the diaper mat. And, the advantages for tutors are numerous, because some brands of hygienic rug have cellulose or absorbent gel, which is the same technology as a normal diaper, which does not let the pee leak. This way, the pee made on the carpet also does not pass to the floor and still decreases odors. In addition, it is practical to clean because you see it is dirty you just collect it, throw it away and put another clean in place.

Often, some puppies may find that it is a toy destroying and tearing the entire rug, so training is necessary until he learns that the correct place for him to urinate and defecate is in the floor diaper. What can help with training, so that he does not swallow carpet substances that might harm him, is to first use a newspaper in the place where you want it to be learned, and only then, when he is only doing the newspaper needs, is that you replace the newspaper with the carpet.

However, not all are advantages in the use of these disposable sanitary pads. Since they have plastic and they generate an exaggerated amount of garbage, since the dogs make the necessities of them several times to the day. For this reason, very interesting and environmentally friendly alternatives have been created that you should consider. We are talking about reusable hygienic rugs that you can wash more than 300 times. They have a high absorption power (up to 10 times longer than disposable toilet mats) making them a more economical option in the long run. Your wallet thanks and the environment even more!

Can I use a baby diaper on a dog?

Using a baby’s diaper on a dog is not very recommended because the anatomy of the dog is different from that of a baby, plus dogs have a tail, and the diaper needs to hole in the tail.

In addition, dog diapers are sturdier than babies’ diapers, the deficient, diaper-wearing dogs crawl to the floor, making the diaper tear more easily. Also, it may become a little more difficult to adjust the size of the diapers existing for babies in the most diverse sizes of puppies.

How to Make Diaper for Puppy or Older Puppy

Although not the most appropriate, it is possible to improvise and make a diaper for your puppy puppy or elderly, who suffers from urinary incontinence, or is in the process of post-operative, from a diaper that is used for babies.

The most practical is that shorts style, which already comes with the elastic, it takes some adjustments until you can be sure which is the best diaper size, and which will suit the size of your dog. To make a dog diaper of the following:

  1. Choose the best size and fold the diaper in half from the back, some diapers indicate which is the base of the back.
  2. Cut a small hole in the base of the back. This little hole will be where you will pass the tail of your dog.
  3. Wear the diaper on your dog, make sure the elastic in the legs is not too tight and pass the crepe tape around the waist to hold the diaper in place.

Swap at least 4 or 5 times a day whenever it is dirty to avoid problems with bacterial infections and foul smells.

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