5 Common Mistakes When Scolding a Dog

Dressage not only involves the dog, we must learn to communicate with our pet so that he understands what we expect of him at all times and how he should proceed.

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Sometimes, especially after the mess and bad behavior, many owners often overdo or engage in inappropriate behavior. In YourCatCareguide we explain to you what these errors are so common and how it should act.

Continue reading and discover 5 common mistakes when scolding a dog and try to avoid them and change them by other more appropriate practices.

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1. Scold the dog out of time

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but reprimanding your dog when you’re not doing anything wrong is totally counterproductive. The animal does not understand why it rebukes him and this creates mistrust and uncertainty .

Use a simple ” No ” when the dog urinates in a place he should not or does something he does not like and try to educate him to change negative habits. Practicing obedience or identifying the causes of your dog’s misbehavior should be a priority, should never serve to scold you.

2. Exceed

Exceeding oneself in the play is always bad, whatever the “petty” committed by the dog. You can never be more than 1 minute scolding or using inappropriate methods like aggression, electric collars or suffocation. Closing it or acting unpredictably or aggressively are practices you should never use.

If you notice that your dog looks away, licks himself without stopping, closes his eyes a little or shows his teeth with sad face, these are alarming signs of an excess of anger . Stop immediately. A very famous example of “excess of anger” is the popular video of the repentant dog , in which you can identify signs that indicate that the dog is suffering and should not be reprimanded any longer.

If you have serious problems educating your dog, breathe, there are professionals who can help (and a lot!) To solve the behavioral problems that your pet may be suffering. Consult an ethologist or canine educator .

3. Approach it from urine or feces

Maybe your dog still urinates at home when you leave or can not take it anymore. We know that it is an unpleasant behavior but in no case can it bring the dog closer to its depositions, do you know why?

In our article about why my dog ​​eats feces we highlight a very common cause that many homeowners do not know. When approaching the dogs from their feces or urine in a violent or unpleasant way the dog understands that this does not please him and eats them to avoid a quarrel on his part. Reaching this extreme is very sad for the poor animal that can end up suffering from intestinal problems.

Walk the dog more regularly and be sure to congratulate him when you do it outside of the house so that, little by little, modify your habits in a positive way and without discomfort.

4. Do not let it bark or growl

Dogs communicate their discomfort through barking and growling at other dogs or people. In different contexts, when the dog growls, it can mean “leave me alone, do not come near” or “stop and stop doing it, I do not like it”. By reprimanding we are saying that it should not growl and this can lead to an attack, whether it be an animal or a person.

It is very important that if you observe this behavior in your dog, refer to a qualified professional, since it is an obvious alarm signal that must be solved the same as before.

5. Be inconsistent

If there is anything that can be worse than anything discussed above, it is to be inconsistent with your puppy’s education and permissiveness. For example, you can not scold someone for doing something that is usually allowed. Oc puppies need stability , a sense of security and comfort all the time.

If you allow your dog to climb onto the couch, but you treat it badly so the poor animal will feel confused and will increase your stress by feeling disoriented. It may sound like little to you, but the truth is that for your dog, you are your world. Do not do something that could make you feel bad.

If you need help refer to a professional, just as you would with a child.

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