Colors that dogs see according to scientific studies

When choosing a toy or a canine training tool, it is important to take into account which colors are the most eye-catching for the puppies. In this way, we can ensure that the puppy is able to distinguish this from other toys and be able to differentiate them from the ground.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you which are the most striking colors for dogs , but also those that they are not able to distinguish, always taking into account the various scientific studies that validate this information. Continue reading this article and find out what colors these are!

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Dogs Vision

Although dogs’ primary senses are smell and hearing, sight also plays a role in communicating and meeting the puppy’s basic needs. Unfortunately, there are many myths about how dogs see owners , which may confuse you when it comes to interpreting which colors are the most eye-catching for your dog.

The answer lies in the cones , photosensitive cells that are in the eye and that are sensitive to color and other details. While the human has 150 cones, the dog has only 40, and has a dichromatic vision .

Despite this, it is important to note that this does not mean that the dog has a poorer vision than the human being. In fact, dogs are able to detect the movement better and see more clearly at night.

The blue and the yellow, the colors easier to distinguish for a dog

According to several studies[1] [2] [3] , the dog is able to distinguish various shades of blue, yellow and gray . On the other hand, it is not able to distinguish green, red, pink and purple, for example.

These facts are surprising, especially if we notice that most pet toys are red. This is because buyers are taken into account, humans.

Example of canine vision

In these images you can observe photographs that compare the human vision with the vision of the dog. It can not be said that this is entirely reliable, but according to studies on this subject, these are the photographs that would best represent the dog’s vision.

You can see how clearly the dog is able to discriminate the color yellow and the color blue as opposed to red, green and orange that acquire a shade of gray or brown, that prevents to distinguish 100% of the grass, for example.

For this reason, in case you want to use toys or training tools for exercise with your dog, YourCatCareguide recommends betting on blue and yellow , which are the most eye-catching colors for the dog.

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