Cold water fish

There is a very good option for all those people who like to enjoy the anima world but do not have enough time to devote to it: having an aquarium is the solution !

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Many people due to the little time that they are at home can not have a cat let alone a dog. The fish are animals that do not give us headaches and also delight us with a beautiful landscape when you see them swimming. They do not need constant attention from their owners, they eat and dwell quietly in their space. Yet we must have some basic knowledge to make sure our new tenants develop properly. We must know the main needs that cold water fish need .

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How cold water fish are

Cold-water fish survive perfectly in room temperature waters and withstand (within normality) the fluctuations that time causes in their waters. This is the great difference that distinguishes them from fish of tropical waters, which require perfectly regulated water to not suffer any lack. For this reason cold water fish are much easier to maintain and care for.

Cold-water fish generally support temperatures ranging from 16 to 24ºC . There are some concrete species such as the Dojô (snake fish) that can withstand up to 3ºC, that is, it is necessary to find out about each species. We can say that cold water fish are very resistantand this is because many of them have methods and physical characteristics that allow them to adapt to extreme situations.

Fish that live in cold water are very different and diversified thanks to the mutations and reproductive controls of their creators. We can find a wide variety of colors and sizes, as well as various forms of fins.

On the other hand we must take into account the following advice:

  • Make sure that all fish in the same aquarium eat and swim with each other (do not isolate themselves), isolation or lack of appetite can warn us about some type of disease or problem.
  • We should always ask the store expert about the compatibilities of the different species before releasing it in the same space. Failure to do so may result in the death of one or more individuals.
  • Fights between different fish (of the same or different species) when it should not occur can mean some disease in the same fish. It is convenient to insulate it from the rest of the shoal so that it can improve.
  • The scales of a fish reveal their state of health, if you notice drastic or strange changes also should isolate you from the rest of the group.

Cold Water Fish Needs

To start conditioning, confirm that the water temperature is about 18 ° C , with a pH7 . In specialized stores we can find a variety of test devices to check water levels and if their components are correct.

It is very important to have a filter in the aquarium, since water renewal is very important (more so than in the case of tropical fish). For aquariums that have this type of fish we recommend the backpack filter , since both maintenance and installation is very easy and do not interfere with the interior decoration of the aquarium. Having the filter requires you to change 25% of the water every one to two weeks.

It is advisable to put some 3 or 5 cm of gravel on the bottom of the aquarium and preferably choose an artificial decoration , because in addition to not needing to be changed, fish could eat natural plants and seaweed, some of which are not good for your body.

We can also add embellishments of all kinds and sizes (whenever the fish has room to swim), we recommend that you first clean the decorations in boiling water to avoid contamination of the water.

Because they are cold water fish, we do not need heaters to keep water at a certain temperature, but we can still have a thermometer to better control our fish’s daily lives.

The Goldfish

The Goldfish are descendants of the common carp and comes from Asia. Contrary to what many believe, Orange Goldfish is not the only cold water fish of this species, they exist in various colors and shapes. Because they need a lot of oxygen it is recommended that they live in a large aquarium and always with at least one companion .

They need specific diets and diets that you can easily find on the market. With the basic care mentioned, we can ensure that you will have a sturdy and healthy fish that can live up to 6 to 8 years.

The Chinese Neon

Originating from the Baiyun Mountains (White Cloud Mountain) in Hong Kong, this small fish commonly called Chinese Neon dazzles with its bright and flashy colors. They measure approximately 4 to 6 centimeters, have a showy greenish brown with a yellow-red line and yellow or red fins.

They are resistant fish that normally live in groups of 7 or more individuals of the same species. As a rule, they live well with other fish such as Goldfish, thus allowing for a varied and flashy aquarium rum.

Its sale is very popular due to its ease of care . They accept food of all kinds whenever it is small and require a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, ideal for a house. They do not usually have diseases or problems, which makes them very easy to take care of.

We must be careful with this species since this type of fish is very used to “jump” and therefore we should always have the aquarium capped .

The Koi Carps

The Koi Carp is a relative of the common carp, although it is native to China. It is known throughout the world through Japan and inhabits all continents except Antarctica.

The meaning of Koi can be translated into Portuguese as “affection” and even “love,” the cultivation of this kind of cold water ornamental carp flourished in China during the King dynasty and in Japan in the Yayoi era. In Asia this type of carp is considered a good animal .

It is the most popular tank fish thanks to its physical resistance and we can find it without difficulty in any shop specializing in fish. They can reach 2 meters , although they usually grow up to 1.5 meters in large tanks (up to 70 cm in large aquariums). It has several bright colors and unique in each copy. Using the selective creation, fantastic examples can be obtained, being evaluated, in very concrete cases, in values ​​up to R $ 400,000.

It is an excellent pet because of the low complexity of care, the Koi Carp coexists very well with other specimens of its size, but we must be careful because they feed on other smaller species . Besides this factor we must take into account, koi carp feed on small invertebrates, algae, cold water crustaceans, etc. We can give them daily “scaly food” special for medium and large fish and other more specific supplements so that their diet is varied.

Life expectancy of koi carp is estimated to be between 25 and 30 years , but they can live much longer under favorable conditions.

Kinguio Bubha

The Bubble Kinguio or Bubble Eye Fishes originate in China and provide the GoldFish. There is a strange shape in the eyes that gives them a unique look. The bubbles are huge fluid-filled pockets where they have eyes, always looking up. The pockets can crack easily when rubbing on other fish or elements of the environment and so it is considered a solitary fish. We should not worry about this, since they usually grow back in a short time.

They are usually 8 to 15 centimeters and swim slowly and leisurely. It is recommended that they live alone or together with other fish of the same species so that they do not suffer from malnutrition or aggression and that they also have no trunks or elements in their habitat that could damage their eyes (may have natural vegetation). It adapts perfectly to the cold waters.

It can have several colors like blue, red, chocolate, etc. Food should be given near where they are so it will not go unnoticed. It eats voraciously and easily adapts to different types of food such as flaky food or basic flakes, potatoes, parasites, etc., whenever it is put at your fingertips.

The Betta Splendens

The Betta splendens are known also as ” fighting fish ” for his aggressive character and behavior with other fish. Males measure about 6 inches and females a little less.

It is a fish of tropical but very resistant water that adapts to all type of waters, like the cold water . It develops and reproduces easily and exists in hundreds of colors and combinations both in captivity and in the wild.

We advise you to live in groups of, for example, a male and 3 females or several females, never mix two males , this can lead to a death struggle. We also recommend lush plants at the bottom of the aquarium to protect the female from male attacks. Their life expectancy is between 2 and 3 years.

For food will be enough some commercial compounds that we have within our reach in any store, we can also add live foods such as larvae, sea fleas, etc.

Although Betta is a fish easy enough to take care of, it is important to be informed about the care of betta fish to know their diet, the type of aquarium and the mixtures of different fish they can tolerate.

The Fish Telescope

The Fish Telescope or Demekin is a variety that comes from China. Its main physical characteristic is the eyes that protrude from the head, having a very singular aspect. The black telescope, also known as Black Moor because of its coloration and its velvety look. We can find them of all colors and varieties.

These cold water fish need large and spacious aquariums but (except the Black Mouto) can never live in spaces where they can have very low temperatures, if this happens they can die. Like Bubble Eye Fish, we should not have elements in the aquarium too sharp or poignant not to damage your eyes. As the last element to take into account in the environment where you will reside is to make sure that the filters do not create any excessive movement in their waters , this may destabilize the fish.

They are omnivorous fish that should eat small amounts of food but at various times of the day. It is recommended to vary food regularly so that they do not develop bladder problems. We can give them different products that exist in the market, this will suffice.

Keep in mind that your life expectancy is approximately 5 to 10 years.

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