Cohabitation between a new puppy and an adult puppy

Gave all possible love to your dog but feel that there is still more to give? So adopting a new puppy is a great option because the emotional bond that you create with a puppy has countless benefits.

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However, have you ever wondered how your adult dog would feel? It is a companion animal that had all the attention of its family, that counts on the space that wants, without great obstacles and that grew up knowing that it does not have canine competence when it comes to request affection.

It is very important to know how to host a new dog at home if we already have an adult dog, otherwise there may be many problems, such as aggressive or jealous behavior . In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain everything you need to know about the coexistence between a new puppy and an adult dog .

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Presentation on neutral ground

The presentation on a neutral ground (an open space or a park) is not always possible, as it depends on whether the dog has already started the vaccination schedule and can go out on the street, but whenever possible this is the best way to do it .

Neutral terrain promotes an environment with distractions and where the risk of territorial behavior decreases .

For this, the ideal is to have the help of a second person, so that each one takes a dog separately, so that later they can introduce and allow them to relax, if they smell and start to know.

It may be that the adult dog is indifferent to the new puppy, but it can also happen to try to mount it and even growl at it, in this case, whenever aggression does not happen, you should not worry, since it is a priority to interfere the least possible in the relationship between their two dogs, they have their rules, their hierarchy and know how to establish these new relationships.

Prepare the house for the coexistence

Before the presentation inside the house happens, it is essential to prepare a specific zone for the new puppy , with its own accessories, since it is important not to change the habits that the adult puppy has acquired.

If in addition to introducing a new puppy at home, allow it to use the accessories of the adult dog and take possession of your space, it is clear that the coexistence will not start well.

The first presentation at home

If the presentation on neutral ground has gone well, you must return home. The first puppy to enter is the adult and must do it without the guide, then the guide should enter the puppy, but then inside the house should be loose and have complete freedom to explore the whole house, room for room.

If the adult dog is comfortable, the puppy can walk freely in the house, but if he does not accept it, he should limit the puppy’s space and then progressively enlarge it as the adult puppy gets used to it.

During the first few weeks do not leave the puppies unattended , not until the adult dog is completely comfortable with the puppy.

Advice for a good coexistence

Other advice to follow for your two dogs to live in harmony are the following:

  • If the adult dog assaults the puppy we recommend that you ask for help from an ethologist or canine educator . The professional will help you in a convenient way.
  • Let the puppy greet the dog on its own initiative, do not grab it to put it on the muzzle of the other dog, it will make him feel very vulnerable and can generate tension and fear in the dog. Never force situations, let them interact.
  • Put your eateries properly separated, and if one dog finishes first than another, do not let him intimidate your companion to eat your food.
  • Reward them, play with them, give them caring and care equally, do not let either of you feel left out.

If you follow our advice your dogs will live together correctly and they will be best friends forever.

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