Coexistence between male and female dogs

Dog lovers can claim that sharing their lives with one of these animals is undoubtedly one of the best decisions they could make, so we can also say that sharing your home with more than one dog is even better.

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The truth is that this depends largely on you and the education you give your pets, because if you do not commit to the great responsibility of having more than one dog, it is possible that this coexistence is disastrous, in contrast, if the you can enjoy a wonderful experience with your dogs.

Maybe you are thinking of adopting dogs of different sexes and you are wondering about how it is the coexistence between male and female dogs . Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and clarify your doubts.

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Do males and females fight?

There are several differences between dogs and bitches, but it is precisely because of these differences that two dogs of opposite sexes can complement each other in perfection and have a harmonious and peaceful coexistence.

In fact, fights between males and females are uncommon , since the female naturally accepts the territoriality and dominance of the male, in turn the male would never attack the female. In the event of a fight between them, this would be more dangerous for the male, who in defending himself could end up seriously injured by the attack of the female. However, the coexistence between male and female dogs will depend on each concrete situation and the education they both receive.

Socialization is essential.

A dog that has not been socialized adequately will have many difficulties in relating to other dogs (be they male or female), other animals and their human family. In the absence of proper socialization, even more so when this absence affects both dogs, cohabitation between the male and female dogs can be very complex, affecting them not only to them but also to the human family.

The socialization of the dog is essential to prevent unwanted behaviors, such as aggression and, the best option is to socialize the dog from the first stages of life. But you should also know that socializing an adult dog is also possible .

If you want to live with a male dog and another female, ideally adopt them at the same time, otherwise you should introduce the new pack member progressively and make the presentation in a neutral environment.

You should castrate the male if you do not want a litter

If you do not want your dogs to breed, it is essential to castrate your male. This intervention consists of the removal of the testicles, preserving only the scrotal sac. It is a more invasive surgery but offers better results, since only through the castration can it eliminate the sexual behavior of the dog .

If you do not castrate a male dog, each time the female enters the rutting attempt to mount it, as the female usually accepts the male, unwanted reproduction may occur, which may increase animal abandonment.

It is not necessary to castrate or sterilize the female for a good coexistence between male and female dogs, you should only take into account that if you do not you can attract other dogsclose to him when entering the heat.

Do you want a couple to reproduce? Think about this decision

You can have a male and a female dog with the aim of reproducing them, but before making this decision it is important to reflect enough to decide in a responsible and respectful waywith an animal:

  • Can you guarantee that each of the puppies will be welcomed into a human family that will meet all their needs?
  • Are you aware that families that host one of these puppies will most likely no longer adopt a dog that is in a kennel or shelter waiting to be adopted?
  • Did you know that an important part of abandoned dogs are pure-bred dogs?
  • Are you preparing to take care of the bitch during your pregnancy and delivery?
  • Are you willing to give the puppies the care they need?

If in answering these questions you have doubts, then having a couple with the purpose of reproducing may not be a good option. You can also enjoy your dogs without having to cross them .

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