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Anyone who has a small dog at home knows that they need extra protection , be it extreme cold or rain. It’s not just an aesthetic issue, it’s something that goes beyond that.

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Small dogs usually tremble for a variety of factors, but between them we actually find the cold, an unpleasant situation for the dog that makes him tense and nervous. Nowadays, we find a myriad of brands and products to protect our little puppies from the cold.

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So in YourCatCareguide we want to share with you a list of small dog clothes in an image gallery , do you dare to dress your dog? Inquire about the different possibilities of protection as well as aesthetic.

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Raincoats and raincoats

Especially in the cold season we should protect our small sized dog and insulate it properly so it does not suffer on each ride. We should pay attention to those dogs that are old or suffering from bone, muscle problems, etc.

In the image we can see a basic model that protects the dog from the cold, the rain and, moreover, it is breathable and reflective.

This other coat shows us another concept of clothing for small dogs , in this case with a more human design than the previous one. It is just a suggestion that reminds us of the amount of clothing dedicated to the pet sector.


If inside the house does not have a good warm or the house is not warm enough, our dog canalso feel cold , so we found underwear for him like a cardigan. We can find very different styles and in different fabrics.

Boots for puppies

In this article on clothing for small dogs we also include dog boots . They are especially suitable for dogs with sensitive leg cushions or when we take our companion for a day out in the snow. It is a very useful product for puppies with special needs.

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