The heat in bitches – symptoms and duration

The sexual and reproductive cycles of the bitchare not related to the hormonal cycles that govern sexuality and the reproduction of the human species. It is important to understand this before continuing.

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In this article we will explain to you in what consists the cycle of heat in the bitch, how long lasts and in what moments your pet is fertile. We will also show you some hormonal changes that may be the cause of aggression, crying or general malaise.

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Symptoms of heat in bitch

Bitches also have a period of vaginal bleeding . The first period occurs between the first 6 months and 1 year of life, although this always depends on the type of breed, in some large breed dogs the first heat can take up to 2 years.

Usually this period of bleeding appears 2 times a year , every 6 months. Keep in mind that this period is variable in each dog and may be affected by age or feeding.

In bitches that are hygienized a lot may be difficult to notice, but if you look well you will see that your vulva is inflamed and that it throws a sanguinolenta secretion. This stage of bleeding is known as proestrus and lasts for 6 to 11 days, it is important to know that your bitch is not fertile at this time .

Duration of estrus

The fertile stage, also known as estrus occurs after the bleeding period. Indicates that the dog is in a fertile time .

It is normal for her character to change, becoming restless and eager to go out into the street. If during this phase you do not want your dog to become pregnant, you should take it in your lap or inside the transport box to pass, to prevent the males from knowing that it is with the heat. This phase lasts between 5 and 15 days and may also be noticed by an increase in the frequency of urinating.

It is rather inadvisable to have your dog copulated if they have not yet passed at least 2 complete estrus cycles. Otherwise, the risk of the bitch being at risk for both her and her young.

Stage of no sexual activity

After that, your dog will be about 110 to 140 days rejecting sexual contact with males . This period is known as metaestrous .

Its function, in case your dog has become pregnant during the fertile phase, is to look for a time of sexual rest that corresponds with pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. This phase is followed by anestrus, a time when progesterone levels decrease and the body of the dog is prepared again to bleed.

Hygiene products in oestrus

In order for her dog’s hair to be as hygienic as possible in the house, you can find diapers or panties for sale . Inquire at your usual pet shop about this type of product, very useful and recommended.

Sterilization as prevention

Sometimes the bitch’s fertile and burning process causes discomfort of all kinds, both to her and to us. Although not an easy decision, we should think about sterilizing our pet for an improvement in their health, behavior, etc.

Remember that sterilizing your dog before your first heat will already greatly reduce the onset of various types of cancer . In addition, it is an option in solidarity with the number of abandoned dogs that exist in the world, considerably reducing the odds of our bitch becoming pregnant. Find out in YourCatCareguide all the benefits of canine castration .

The behavior of the dog in heat

It is usual that during the time of the estrus of your dog can appear behavior problems , the most common are the following:

However, there is something much more troubling once the cycle is over, your bitch may suffer from the known psychological pregnancy, a very complicated time for her because she even believes she is actually pregnant.

The causes are lack of fertilization in a fertile animal and should take this seriously to avoid related diseases such as milk accumulation (with a possible infection) or irritability and strange behavior. Sterilizing your dog will eliminate the onset of this problem as well as the usual bleeding from heat.

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