Dangerous Christmas Decorations for Pets

We all like to decorate the house with Christmas ornaments and feel the warmth of this long-awaited party. We bought big Christmas trees and flashy garlands to decorate our home in the purest American style. However, how do you think your pet reacts to these decorations?

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If the answer is bite them, play with them or try to catch them, you should rethink the Christmas decorations this year and pay attention to all those Christmas decorations that are dangerous for pets . At YourCatCareguide we want to help you, so we offer you a list with the decorations and the consequences of not taking the necessary measures.

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What You Should Know Before Decorating Your Home

Before we talk about each of the Christmas decorations that are dangerous for our pets, it is imperative to talk about the location of Christmas decorations. Since the Christmas tree is the object that has the most damaging decorations, we must pay special attention to where we are going to place it. As much as we like to have a large, beautiful, ornate tree, if our pet is a puppy , it will tend to bite objects, send them to them or if it’s a curious adult, we have no choice but to opt for a smaller Christmas tree that should stay away from your reach. Bear in mind that you could eat the tree or be crushed by it in case it falls on top.

To find the best place, you must take into account the height of your pet and your climbing abilities. This means that we will have to put the tree in a place that is taller than it, and difficult to reach if our pet is a cat. It should apply the same logic to the Christmas garlands you use to decorate your home’s façade or the interior, and hanging objects.

Christmas Cables & Lights

There are many people who decide to install Christmas lights in their garden or Christmas tree, because the result is really spectacular. But, have you thought about what are the consequences for your pet? Especially if our little companion is a dog that likes to bite everything it finds, a restless cat that is attracted to all the shiny objects or a rodent that we leave loose at home, we must keep away from the reach both the cables and the Christmas lights.

At the time of installation it is important to keep the cables well collected, in case you let them loose your pet could try to play, curl up and even suffocate with them. In addition, once the lighting installation is complete, try not to leave the cables on the ground, since if our pet bites them while being connected it could suffer an electric shock. In this sense, keep the Christmas lighting off whenever you are not using it or you are away from home, since biting the lights when they are connected can not only cause damage to our pet by the glass, but can also cause an electric shock.

Natal balls

Especially cats are attracted to Christmas balls filled with glitter and made with shiny materials. In addition, those dogs that play with balls easily will have the desire to pick up on that round object so identical to their toy. Therefore, avoid glass balls or made of materials that when breaking can make serious injuries to your pet. At YourCatCareguide we advise you to choose homemade Christmas balls, made with felt or rope and try to keep them out of your reach.

Since there are several Christmas tree decorations that go beyond the usual balls today, we recommend that you also apply these tips to these objects and try not to buy them from glass or hazardous materials for your pet.

Wreaths, bows and bright stars

As we mentioned in the previous point, all bright Christmas ornaments draw attention especially from cats. And if we add that this is a hanging object with which to play, then the party is assured. So it is very likely that your feline companion will remove that garland that you have placed so carefully on your tree or try to reach the star at the top of the Christmas tree. And in the worst case, what can happen is the tree falling on top of your pet.

However, it is not only cats that may be drawn to these dangerous ornaments, dogs may also want to play with them and even eat them. In this case, you should know that ingestion of these objects can lead to both choking and intestinal obstruction. To prevent this from happening, the most advisable is to keep the tree away and try to opt for ribbons, ties and stars of opaque and less flashy hues.

Centers of table with candles

Although the Christmas tree is the most dangerous decoration for our pet, it is not the only one, as you should also be careful with the centerpieces and the candles. To prevent our pet from getting burned by trying to play with the access candles, we recommend that you put them in places you do not have access to and light them only when you need them. Remember to erase them when you leave the house. In the event of an accident, we advise you to consult our article in which we explain how to act in case of burns in dogs .

On the other hand, the centerpieces in our pet cause the same effect as the Christmas tree, if they are composed of bright, round and flashy motifs. To solve this problem and make the centerpiece less dangerous, we advise you to choose more original table centers without candles or harmful materials. You can choose to make them yourself and make sure you do not use shiny or risky objects for your pet. You can make a center based on cylindrical containers lined with fabric, felt or colored rope, for example.

Christmas flower, one of the most toxic

Within the list of toxic plants for dogs and cats stands out the Christmas flower as one of the most dangerous. Ingesting it can cause our pet to suffer from digestive disorders that can trigger diarrhea and vomiting, while direct contact with the animal’s skin or eyes can lead to irritation, rash or itching.

If you decide to decorate your home with this plant, try to keep it as far away as possible from your pet, especially if your little fellow tends to eat the plants in your garden or the herb.

Homemade repellent to keep our pet away from the ornaments

If even after you have applied all the previous advice and put the Christmas ornaments as far as possible from your reach, your pet has managed to reach them, you have the option of making a homemade citrus-based repellent. To prepare you need to gather:

  • Spray
  • Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Cinnamon oil

Take in a container, mix half a liter of water with the juice of three lemons and add two or three drops of cinnamon oil. Fill the spray with the homemade repellent and spray each of the Christmas ornaments with it. Remember that as many dogs as cats have the sense of smell very developed and there are certain odors that reject like those used for this mixture. In this sense, if you want to further enhance the citrus scent, you have the option of adding orange juice. Check that he does not ingest it and does not use cinnamon essential oil, opt for a natural fit for consumption and do not add too many drops, because if consumed this mixture and he would take more cinnamon could provoke a digestive disorder in your pet.

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