Characteristics of yellow cats

Cats have an undeniable beauty. Something quite interesting of the domestic felines are the different combinations of possible colors. Within the same litter we can find cats with different varieties of colors, whether they are mutt or not.

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One of the colors most appreciated by tutors of cats is yellow or orange. If you have one of these cats and would like to know the characteristics of yellow cats , keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide that will make you know everything about orange cats.

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Yellow cats are of which breed?

The colors of cats do not define their breed. For this reason, the question “are yellow cats of any breed?” does not make much sense and YourCatCareguide will explain why.

What defines a race are the physiological and genetic characteristics , determined by a pattern. The colors of cats are defined by genetic conditions and within the same breed there may be cats of different colors. Not all cats of the same color are of the same breed. For example, not all white cats are Persian . There are many mutts that are white too.

Behavior of yellow cats

There are no scientific studies to prove that there is an influence of the color of cats on their behavior and personality. However, some people believe that the color of cats influence their personality .

Regarding the behavior of yellow cats, they are referred to by the tutors as extremely friendly and caring. If you have one of these cats and describe it as sweet and even a little lazy , know that you are not the only one. In 1973, George Ware, owner of a cat center, established a theory regarding the personalities of cats according to their color. George Ware described the yellow or orange kittens as “Relaxed to the point of being lazy. They like to receive affection, but they do not like being held or hugged.”

Each cat has its personality and many experts believe that personality according to color is nothing more than a stereotype. An excellent example of this stereotype of the fat, lazy orange cat is Garfield. Who does not know the orange cat, coffee addict and television lover?

In the study by Mikel Delgado et al., From the department of psychology at the University of California, published in the journal Anthrozoos, participants considered orange cats to be friendlier than the other colors [1] . However, there are no scientific explanations for this relationship and the authors argue that this may have influence from ideas reinforced by popular culture and the media. What is certain is that these cats are far more readily adoptedthan the remaining color cats in animal shelters [2] .

Tiger Yellow Cats

There are several different colorations within the yellow color in cats. From a softer beige to bi-color from yellow and white to orange and even almost reddish. The most common coloration is that of yellow brindle cats, also known as “orange tabby”.

Is every cat yellow or orange male?

Many people believe that all yellow or orange cats are males. But this is just a myth. Although the probability of an orange cat being male is higher, one in three orange cats are females . The orange producing gene is found on the X chromosome. Female cats have two X chromosomes, and for this reason, to express the orange color they must have the two X chromosomes with this gene. On the other hand, males just need to have their X chromosome with this gene, since they have the XY chromosomes.

It is for these genetic reasons that only the females can be tricolor, since two X chromosomes are necessary for the coloring to be tricolor. Read our article on why tricolored cats are females , to better understand these genetic combinations.

Yellow cats – what does it mean?

As with black cats , there are some myths associated with yellow cats . However, yellow cats are usually associated with positive situations or facts.

Some people believe that yellow cats bring abundance. Others believe it gives good luck and protection.

There is an old tale that tells you that one night, Jesus, who was still a child, could not sleep, and a yellow-tiger cat came near him, nestled and began purring. Jesus loved the cat so much that Mary, his mother, kissed the kitten on the forehead and thanked him for taking care of his baby Jesus who could not sleep, protecting him. This kiss left an “M” mark on the kitten’s forehead. Whether this myth is true or not, the “M” on the forehead is a very common feature in orange kittens.

It is important to note that each cat has its own personality regardless of its color. If you want your kitten to be friendly, calm and affectionate it is important that you make a correct socialization since the puppy . In this way, you can make your pet be sociable with both people and animals of other species.

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