What’s Causing Your Cat Urine Odor Problem?

Is cat urine odor causing a problem in your home?

Is cat urine odor a problem in your home?  If your cat is not using her litter box, you have a problem that can’t be overlooked.  Often a stressed out cat is at the root of the problem.

Cat urine problems are sometimes caused by a health issue, including feline diabetes, or a feline urinary infection, so your first response should be to take the kitty to the vet for a check-up.  You’ll want to be sure she has a clean bill of health before you try to solve any other problems.

Cat Litter Pan Problems Due To Stress Are More Common Than You Think


What could be better than being a cat?  All you have to do is just lay around and sleep all day, right?  Well, life for your kitty may not as rosy as you think it is.  Most cat owners don’t realize that stressed out cats are a big problem.

Stress can result if your kitty is bored, and doesn’t have much to do besides eating and sleeping.  Set aside time to play with your kitty several times a day.  She needs the exercise, and she will enjoy interacting with you.

Consider providing a feline companion to keep an only cat company during the day.  Or buy a cat video that features birds and other creatures that she can watch on TV while you’re gone.

Sometimes another pet, or even a child, is the problem.  If a dominant cat, a dog, or a small child is bothering Kitty while she’s in the litter box, she just may find another, more private place to do her business.

Your feline may not like where her cat litter pan is located.  If you keep it in the basement, she may be scared of the furnace, or the washing machine, since they come to life when she least expects it, and make lots of noise.  Look at the situation from your cat’s point of view.  People and cats look at the world differently.

If her pan is in a busy, noisy place, she may be unhappy with it, too.  Using the bathroom is a private activity for kitties, just like it is for people.

Tips For Solving Your Cat Urine Problems

If you have more than one cat, you should have one box for each feline, plus an extra one.  Put them in various places around the house.  If one kitty likes to claim the litter pan for herself, there’s still another pan available for the other cat.  You’ll want to make sure there’s an escape route available at each litter pan to avoid one cat being able to corner the other one in there.

Try putting the cat litter pan in the location where the cat has been urinating.  This may give her the idea to use the pan instead.  Once she begins using her litter pan, you can move it an inch or so a day until it’s where you want it.

Feeding the cat where she’s been urinating is suggested, because kitties prefer not to eat where they potty.  Covering the area with aluminum foil or a plastic runner will make the area less inviting to your kitty.  Be sure to use a pet deodorizer to neutralize the cat urine odor, so she won’t be drawn back to use the same place again.

Cleaning cat urine on carpet is a messy job that nobody wants.  Click on cat urine problems to end this problem once and for all.


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