Aggressive Dog – Causes and Treatment

The aggression in dogs is a serious behavioral problem that has many causes. There are many people looking for a viable treatment on the internet to solve it, but are they adequate?

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain to you some of the causes that can give rise to the aggressiveness and also what it can do to treat and solve this problem of behavior. Remember that depending on the cause of the aggressiveness, the way to solve it is different.

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Physiological or health problems

Dogs that are not 100% healthy can develop severe aggressive behaviors and it is normal for a weakened, skinned or painful dog to try to alleviate its symptoms.

The dog may not recognize that the symptoms derive from his own physical condition, which encourages him to be hostile to those around him or appear in certain situations.

Developing a fracture or other disease causes discomfort in the dog, so the priority should be to take it to a veterinarian to treat, as far as possible, the illness or condition that is suffering.

If you have doubts about the type of condition and are not sure what motivates you, you can also consult a veterinarian because he has advanced knowledge of the dog’s behavior and needs. Although it is not an ethologist the veterinarian can guide you about the problem that your pet suffers in order to be able to solve it as soon as possible.

Some advice would be to try to alleviate the symptoms with homeopathic remedies , that is, natural remedies that the veterinarian can recommend to you. Try to avoid situations that lead to aggression, so look for calm places where you can walk in a relaxed and never force the dog’s rhythm.

Lack of socialization

When the puppy is between 3 and 12 weeks of age should be socialized properly . This process involves knowing dogs, people and objects of all kinds, in the variety and positivity is the success of a mentally healthy adult dog.

A dog that has not walked, has not met people or dogs feels uncertainty, fear and a widespread lack of protection that results in high levels of stress. To try to minimize these effects, we must ensure 100% the freedoms of animal welfare .

Although it fulfills purchase with the basic necessities of the dog, and especially if it is a dog of a shelter, it will take some time to habituar to its new environment and house. It can also happen with puppies separated prematurely from their mother or dogs that have undergone a drastic change of family or situation.

Aggressiveness is a system they use to cope with difficult situations . It is not a dominant or territorial dog, it simply acts this way because it does not know what to do or what is expected of it.

Some advice to improve include a quiet ride and free of other dogs, encourage calm and the adaptation of the dog to the new situation and very important, the affection that the family can offer.

Bad communication

It is one of the most common causes of aggression . It happens when the puppy is not properly educated, sometimes with excessive punishment or when using force. In these cases the dog does not understand why we treat him this way and acts accordingly behaving in a rational way for him but negative for us. As the dog was educated with aggressiveness, it uses it in the same way to make itself understood.

These dogs are confused, most likely suffer from serious deficiencies in their education, walking routine or affective needs.

The fact that the dog develops aggressiveness when trying to communicate with him is a sign that communication between person and dog does not work well . In addition, it is a serious behavior that can harm our or your safety on several occasions.

In this case the most appropriate recommendation is to consult an ethologist specialist.

Other Causes That Promote Dog Aggression

If your bitch has just been a mother, she can develop maternal aggression by preventing herself or others from approaching her little newborn. It is normal and instinctive behavior as a form of protection of the puppies.

On the other hand, your dog may experience redirected aggression when, when trying to face a stimulus, person or dog, it can not do so. The stress that is so great makes you unwittingly redirect your aggressiveness to those who are closest to you.

Another very common cause is intrasexual or intersexual aggressiveness, which is usually due to dominance over same sex members, although sometimes it may also be for others.

Also we find dogs that are aggressive by territoriality and that manifests only when an intruder or stranger invades a space or object that the dog considers as his. Serious cases of territoriality can be alarming and it is advisable to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Finally, we have the aggressiveness for the possessiveness of another dog, person or object, although in general it is more in living beings. The dog goes through an important suffering when it is separated from whom it likes. It usually appears in puppies that were prematurely separated from their siblings and parents, abandoned dogs that lived extreme situations or the loss of the owner and subsequent change of house. In this case we speak of dogs that are afraid of facing a similar situation again and their affective deficiencies are usually serious. We must differentiate this fear factor from those dogs that are “spoiled” by their owners. They tend to act aggressively if they understand that who cares for them can go away or prefer another pet.

Treatment for canine aggression

To start you should start by putting together two basic tools:

  • A liability insurance covering any damage
  • Use of muzzle and strap on the street

Once you meet these requirements, you should consult with an ethologist specialist . It is a veterinary professional who treats serious behavior problems , as is the case of aggression in dogs.

On the internet you will find many articles to suggest you practices of all kinds, but the reality is that only a professional can help you identify your specific case, because sometimes we can confuse aggression when in reality it is a stress high or a secondary problem that generates its health.

Depending on the particular case you should apply one or the other procedure, the specialist is who will actually identify what problem it is. There are cases of people who follow certain techniques to achieve results against aggression and due to ignorance end up causing more serious problems than those that already existed.

If your dog really has a serious problem, do not hesitate and go to who can solve it.

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