Vomiting Cats And What To Do To Help

Just about every cat I’ve ever known vomits now and then. Usually it’s because he’s eaten too fast, or hogged down too much food. He may have eaten something, like a frog, that disagreed with him. Or he may have run around with a too-full stomach, or played too rough with you or another cat.

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Usually, a cat who upchucks now and then doesn’t have anything wrong with him. If he’s eating normally with no problems, having normal bowel movements (no diarrhea), and he’s his usual playful self, he probably got rid of the problem when he threw up.However, if he keeps throwing up whenever he eats, or if he’s lethargic and has no interest in eating, take him to the vet for a check-up. Vomiting in cats can be caused by stomach and intestinal problems, or it can be caused by something else, like cancer, kidney failure, feline diabetes,or an infectious disease. It’s important to rule out anything serious.

When To Worry About A Vomiting Cat…

  • Dehydration is a concern if he can’t keep anything down. This is an emergency situation, and you need to get your kitty to the vet so he or she can start an IV.
  • If your kitty doesn’t want to move, and just wants to slink off by himself and hide somewhere, he may be pretty sick. A lethargic cat who has been vomiting for several hours needs to go to the vet.
  • Any cat who is losing weight, or has diarrhea, or has blood in his vomit should be seen by the vet.

How Do I Take Care Of My Sick Kitty?


The best thing to do is to take away his food and water for three or four hours. This helps his stomach to settle down and recover. Don’t worry, he won’t starve in a few hours!

If he hasn’t thrown up again at the end of this time, offer him two or three tablespoons of water. If he keeps it down, give him a little more water in twenty minutes.

Once he’s doing good at keeping the water down, try a mixture of boiled rice or potatoes mixed with lean hamburger, skinless chicken or cottage cheese. You can gradually start feeding him his regular diet over the next day or two.

What About A Cat Who Is Always Throwing Up?

Some kitties seem to have more digestion problems. Your vet may treat a cat like this with anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids, drugs that suppress the immune system, antibiotics and other medication that relieve his symptoms, but don’t cure the problem. While these drugs can help, they do come with side effects. Some of these drugs can cause your kitty to have more problems with his digestion, while immunosuppressant drugs can lower his resistance to illness.

To treat your cat holistically, you need to look at him as a whole, instead of focusing on his symptoms. There may be an underlying cause for the vomiting, like a food allergy, poor diet, overuse of antibiotics, or too many immunizations.

How Can I Help My Kitty?

The first area you should always look at is his diet. Many holistic practitioners believe that a raw diet is best for cats, since kitties have sharp teeth, strong digestive secretions for digesting raw meat, and short intestines. Most commercial dry cat foods on the market are very high in carbohydrates. Since cats were never meant to eat a diet high in carbs, this leads to feline obesity, and can cause digestive problems in sensitive felines.

Don’t change your kitty’s diet suddenly, because this can lead to more digestive upsets. Gradually reduce the commercial foods and replace them with fresh, raw, unprocessed foods. It’s OK to vary his diet, but watch for food allergies.

Regular exercise is vital. Your feline friend will have a better appetite, and his body will function better, too. Plus it reduces stress. We could all use less of that!

Try to get your kitty outdoors, if possible. All cats and dogs will naturally eat herbs and grasses that make them vomit. This cleans out their systems by getting rid of excess bile, mucus and other impurities. This is a natural process, so don’t stop your cat from eating these plants.

Add green sprouts to your pet’s food every day to improve digestion and supply much-needed vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

You may want to talk to a holistic veterinarian about the health problems associated with routine vaccination and regular antibiotic use.

Is There An Herbal Remedy For Vomiting Cats?

PetAlive Digestive Support is a highly recommended herbal remedy for naturally treating digestion problems in cats and dogs. Whether your cat suffers from a chronic problem like gastritis, peptic ulcers, esophagitis, IBS, colitis, enteritis, or bloating, or has just eaten something that disagreed with him, PetAlive Digestive Support can help.

This herbal remedy contains licorice, slippery elm, and marshmallow, three herbs that soothe and protect the stomach lining, esophagus and entire digestive tract.

Does It Really Work?

Read what other cat owners are saying about PetAlive Digestive Support:

“Our much loved family cat has always had a difficult stomach and vomited at every turn. She has been on a restricted diet for many years, yet still always battled to keep down her food. Stress, weather – anything seemed to bring on a bout of vomiting. I wanted to tell you how much your capsules have helped to settle her stomach. We have tried many things – diet, medicines and vet’s treatment but have not had the same success as we have now.” -—Deidre M.

“We have two Himalayan cats, one female and one male and will be getting another in about two weeks. We love our cats and they are like part of the family. When the female was about l0 weeks old she got loose bowels with mucous blood discharge, this became really bad every time she went to the litter box. We took her to a vet which put her on steroids and a medicine for loose bowels, this made her sleepy and the steroids carried the warning of liver damage and body shutdown later with early death. I was searching for something, anything that would help her. I seen your ad on the internet and I decided all natural would be worth trying as it would not hurt her and just might help. I am very happy to report that after about three weeks of giving her your “Digestive Support” she is like a different cat, she plays with the other cat and is once again loving with us. She has normal trips to the litter box and we are really enjoying her again. Thanks again, you probably saved her life or at least added several good years to it. I give her half a capsule in about 1/2 tsp boiled chicken and she takes it very happily. I hope this helps others out there that are having the same problem with their pets. I am recommending it to everyone I see. Again thanks for giving us back our “Suga”.” -—Pat, OH

“PetAlive will definitely be my first resort from now on, before spending money on expensive medicines. My animals are my world and the natural way just makes so much more sense!!!!” -—Gayle.

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