Your Cat’s Been Hit By A Car! Six First-Aid Tips

What would you do if your cat was hit by a car? The following first-aid tips may help you stabilize her for the trip to the vet’s.

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  • Keep her warm. You can use a heating pad or a hot water bottle close to her stomach. In a pinch, empty a package of rice into an old sock, tie it closed, and microwave it for a minute or two. Wrap whatever you use in a towel to prevent burns. Bundle your pet loosely in a blanket or jacket to keep her body temperature from dropping.
  • Pets with signs of shock often have low blood sugar. Raising her blood sugar level can help. Rub honey or corn syrup on your pet’s gums.
  • Elevate your kitty’s chest and hindquarters above the head by placing folded towels or a pillow under the pet’s chest and body. This is to prevent fluids from entering the chest and to increase the blood flow to the brain.
  • If your cat is conscious, let her make herself comfortable. For cats and smaller dogs, encourage them to sit in a box or basket as it will make it easier to transport them to the vet’s.
  • Don’t give her any food or water, as she may need anesthesia and surgery.
  • An effective homeopathic pain remedy that is safe for cats is arnica. You can give her two 30C tablets twice daily. Bach’s Rescue Remedyis also a good anti-anxiety treatment you may use to make your pet more comfortable as you transport them. You may want to take some too, to help keep you calm.

This information is courtesy of Dr. Andrew Jones, a Canadian vet with a special interest in alternative, non-traditional remedies for pets. He’s the author of Veterinary Secrets Revealed a manual containing over 1000 safe, effective home remedies you can start using right away to help your kitty live a long, healthy life.

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