Do cats cleanse negative energies?

Cats are fascinating animals, with a certain propensity for introversion and independence. Perhaps that is why the behavior of the pussies arouses such curiosity, leading many people to interpret this more reserved side of their personalities as a feature of their millennial wisdom.

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Many people believe that cats are sensitive animals, capable of cleansing negative energies, as a kind of spiritual protector . In Ancient Egypt, they were treated as a deity. The goddess Basted, too, would have the appearance of a feline.

Perhaps it is from this glorious past that this more mystical image of our friends has appeared. Check out all about cats and spirituality in this YourCatCareguide article.

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Cats feel the energy of people

The sensitivity of cats is something that can influence how they behave next to each person. That pussies are suspicious animals is nothing new, but did you know that this may be related to the ability of cats to feel the energy of people ?

Some believe that, before relying on someone, they study the person and, if it carries negative energies , your cat may prefer to keep away. That is why sometimes when we have visitors at home, they often prefer to hide and only appear after the guest is gone.

If he goes around and does not allow your visit to approach you, it may be that he has felt a negative charge and does not want it to happen to you.

Cats are spiritual protectors

There are also those who believe that Cats also protect their owners by clearing negative energies from the environment or from the individuals themselves. They can use the front paws to massage a heavily loaded region of their body, helping to keep them healthy.

When the environment has a lot of negative energy, your pet acts as a kind of magnet, pulling the load on itself. As they sleep, cats transmute this energy .

Stay sharp to the places your pussy chooses to take a nap, as it may mean you’re there to do some cleaning. It does not always mean that the place is loaded with negativity, sometimes it is the over-power that has stopped your cat to the spot to put it into motion and turns it into positive energy .

The mythological past of cats

It is not by chance that felines are considered sensitive animals from Ancient Egypt, linked to the cleaning and hygiene of their homes.

Before being seen and respected as gods, they saved the day by fighting the rats that were spreading throughout the region and threatening to destroy grain and cereal crops. The kittens have literally cleaned the environment, and since then they have believed in their sensitive ability.

Do cats feel when we are sick?

In addition to cleaning up the negative energy of the environment, the pussies have a very special connection with their owners. There are scientific studies proving their sensitivity to the emotional demonstrations of humans, even when they are not directly related to the animal.

They are able to distinguish expressions of sadness, anger, or joy and interact better when they know their owners are happy.

Many experts also believe that cats feel when they are sick and try to warn us. The human body has several symptoms that can be beaten for us, but the animal’s emotional intelligence allows the animal to notice the difference.

There are biochemical reactions, hormonal changes or odors that they can easily identify, owing to their smell and their vision much more accurate than ours.

Many also believe that because of their ability to detect and clean negative energies, animals can sense when there is something wrong with the human body, trying to warn by licking or minor behavioral changes.

The sensitivity of cats

There are many studies that try to find out what our pets are or are not capable and much is discussed about the spiritual capacity of cats. Although there is still no conclusion on the subject, there are several reports out there about the sensitivity of cats and their ability to detect negative energies .

Regardless of what you are able to do, the important thing is always to keep in mind that our pussies have a very special relationship with us, creating an affective bond that demands care, care and attention.

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