Cats As Therapy Animals

Most people are familiar with the idea of autistic kids working with dogs or horses. But a cat? Cats are supposed to be independent creatures who really could care less about their owners.

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Well, anyone who has a cat can dispute that. All cats are different, but the stereotype of a cat as an uncaring loner isn’t really correct. Cat Therapy for Autistic Children, A True Story of the Miracle a Cat Brought to an Autistic Boy, is the heart warming true story of how a cat helped to bring a young autistic boy out of his shell.

  1. Manerling was left a widower quite unexpectedly. He had two young children, a daughter, who was nine, and a son, Richard, who was four. The little boy had autism and never spoke.

Knowing that sometimes animals were useful in therapy for autistic children, Mr. Manerling took his son anywhere where there were animals. Richard showed no interest at all, until one day at an animal shelter, he saw a cat and said his first word, “Cat!”

Of course the kitty went home with the family that day. Read the rest of the story to see what happened!

If you have any stories of how cat therapy helped you or someone you know, please leave a comment here, and also share your story at Cat Therapy for Autistic Children, A True Story of the Miracle a Cat Brought to an Autistic Boy

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