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5 Items you need to go fishing for the first time

Fishing is a great way to spend your time outdoors. Whether you are revisiting a hobby you have not done in a long time, or you are a first-time angler, do not feel overwhelmed. You may feel intimidated walking into a big retail store to look for the best gear, only to find endless options. […]

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My cat goes up the Christmas tree – How to avoid

The Christmas parties are approaching and with them the time to assemble the Christmas tree and decorate it. But this family moment we like so much is synonymous with difficulties for many cat owners, as these playful creatures like to climb the Christmas tree or to destroy it a little in joking mode. To prevent this […]

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Parvovirosis felina – Contagion, symptoms and treatment

The feline parvovirus or feline parvovirus is a virus that causes feline panleukopenia . This disease is quite serious and if left untreated can end the cat’s life in no time. It affects cats of all ages and is very contagious. it is important to know the symptoms and especially to protect your cat with the vaccination, since it is the […]

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