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Aggressive Cat – Causes and Solutions

We all have our character and personality, both human and animal. However, it is one thing to have a strong character and quite another to have aggressiveness. This happens a lot with cats. In fact, according to some studies, aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem. The good news is that this type of character can […]

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Why does my cat hide when people come?

Cats are animals that love to hide , although they do not always do it for fun or in search of tranquility. There are some situations that may bother your cat, including causing stress, such as the arrival of strangers at home. It will not always be possible to know why the cat hides when someone new arrives, especially if […]

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How to make the dog stop barking

The dog’s ceaseless barking, whether alone, at night or at night, seems to be a problem faced by many dog ​​tutors. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and it is normal for them to start barking when they encounter another dog walking down the street or a cat on the wall, however, if you […]

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Best pitbull toys

Are you thinking of buying toys for your pit bull? There are many toys and accessories on the market that you can purchase. However, not all are fit for the potent jaw of the pit bull terrier : most end up destroyed after an hour of joking. It’s the same with the homemade toys we can build for large puppies. Most are not hard […]

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