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Ear Problems In Cats And Natural Remedies

Ear problems in cats are really common. This is because your cat has an L-shaped ear canal, which protects her eardrums from damage. But when moisture, earwax, insects, and other things get trapped in there, this can lead to your kitty developing an ear infection. How do I know if my cat has an ear […]

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Diarrhea – Natural Remedies For Cats With The Runs

Is your kitty doing the “Pepto Bismol Dance”? I have to laugh every time I see those commercials on TV. But diarrhea in cats isn’t really funny (unless you’re a long ways away). By the way, NEVER give Pepto Bismol to your feline companion. Pepto Bismol has aspirin in it, and aspirin can kill your […]

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Cool Cat Care Stuff

If you love cats, this blog is for you! Are you interested in natural remedies for your cat? Is your kitty diabetic? How do you treat ear mites? Is there such a thing as a self-cleaning litter box? I’ll be posting on these topics and many others in the days to come. If you have […]

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Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment Of Liver Tumor in Cats

The liver is an important organ of the detoxification system in the body. Every human being and pet is exposed to carcinogens. These carcinogens are substances that cause cancer. The liver purifies these carcinogens to a large extent, keeping the toxicity levels down. But in cats, the fungi that appear on spoiled cat food, specific […]

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