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Vomiting Cats And What To Do To Help

Just about every cat I’ve ever known vomits now and then. Usually it’s because he’s eaten too fast, or hogged down too much food. He may have eaten something, like a frog, that disagreed with him. Or he may have run around with a too-full stomach, or played too rough with you or another cat. […]

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Tips For Controlling Feline Diabetes Holistically

Does your kitty have feline diabetes? Although there’s no cure for diabetes in cats, research has shown that a healthy diet and herbal remedies can not only help to control it, but can prevent it as well. Facts About Feline Diabetes During the process of digestion, the starches and carbohydrates in the food your kitty […]

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Itchy Cats And What To Do About Them

An itchy cat is not a happy cat. Constant scratching and licking can lead to hair loss, skin damage, ear problems, and a nasty condition called miliary dermatitis. If your cat has this, he’ll have a number of crusty skin lesions that are greasy and are filled with cat dandruff. Yummy. Your cat can also […]

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Furballs – My Favorite Thing About Cats! Not!!

No matter how much you love your kitty, you gotta admit that furballs are one of the grosser aspects of being owned by a cat. Seeing your feline hack up one of these things can make you wonder why you keep cats… What causes furballs? Kitties are known for their grooming habits. They lick and […]

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