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Georgia The Cat Found In NYC Subway System!

There is a happy ending for Georgia the cat, pictured, above, and her owner, Ashley Phillips. Georgia, who escaped from her carrier on her way home from the vet’s, was lost in the NYC subway system for three weeks. The little black cat was rescued Saturday night by two transit workers and a ConEd meter reader. […]

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Meet Maximillion!

We’re taking a break today from my series on cats and litter boxes to visit with another special kitty. His name is Maximillion. Here’s what his special friend, A Girl Like Me, has to say about him: “My cat Maximillion… Where do i start!? He’s the BEST cat I’ve ever had (I’ve had many). We’ve […]

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The Mystical Cat — Superstitions And Legends About Cats

Cats are mysterious creatures who hunt by night. They slink silently about, creeping up on prey that never hears them coming. Their eyes reflect any available light and appear to glow from within. Is it any wonder that every part of the world has its own superstitions about cats? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of […]

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Pet Care Ebooks

I’m happy to be able to make these pet care ebooks available free of charge for my readers. These ebooks contain lots of info on keeping your pet happy and healthy, using natural remedies. Just right click on the title, and click on “Save Link As” to download them. Feel free to email them as […]

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