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5 Tips to living with an older dogs

Some people find older dogs quite annoying than when they are puppies. However, this should not be the case if you built your relationship with him or her over the years. Instead of trading the older one for a smaller and manageable dog, you can choose to take care of it. Note, older dogs become […]

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A Very Special Friend

My guest kitty today is named Chloe Anne, who lives with her human, Erin. Here’s Chloe’s story: “The pictures I have sent are of my senior cat, Chloe Anne. Chloe is a Himalayan. Next month she will be celebrating her eleventh birthday. The reason she ended up coming to live with me is a sad, […]

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Cat Scratch Fever! Questions And Answers

An article about cat scratch disease, also known as cat scratch fever, caught my eye today. I’ve heard Ted Nugent’s song, “Cat Scratch Fever,” but I never knew this is a real disease! Here are questions and answers about cat scratch disease, courtesy of What is cat-scratch disease, and how do people get it? Cat-scratch […]

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Forever Homes For Furry Friends

Our featured kitty today is Billy, who’s in the picture on the left. Billy lives in Minnesota with his fur-brother, Raven. Here’s Billy’s story, from his mom, Janet: “Here’s a picture of Billy, my Houdini cat. In his own words, he’s particularly proud of his handsome face and red bell. He adopted me approximately six […]

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