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Where Should I Put My Cat’s Litterbox?

Finding the best location for your cat’s litterbox may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be problematical. You may think a dark corner in the basement is a good place since it’s quiet and out-of-the-way, but if your cat doesn’t agree, she may find another place more to her liking. And that’s when the […]

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What’s Causing Your Cat Urine Odor Problem?

Is cat urine odor causing a problem in your home? Is cat urine odor a problem in your home?  If your cat is not using her litter box, you have a problem that can’t be overlooked.  Often a stressed out cat is at the root of the problem. Cat urine problems are sometimes caused by a health […]

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Why Is My Cat Spraying? And How Can I Get Him To Stop?

To figure out why your cat is spraying, you need to think like a cat. A feline will spray walls, furniture, clothes, and bedding to let other cats know that this is “his” territory. This is called “urine marking” or “territorial marking,”, and as gross as we think it is, it’s perfectly normal behavior for […]

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Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Litter

Go into any pet store, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the different types of cat litter available. Choosing the right litter for your cat can seem to be an impossible task. But actually it’s not so hard. Just remember to think like a cat. Your cat is more interested in the smell and texture of […]

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