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The Importance of Calcium for Dogs

Few factors determine both our pet’s health and nutrition, so covering your nutritional requirements properly is a care that deserves our full attention. A dog passes through the years through different vital stages and in each one of them different feeding needs are presented. During the first months of life the nutrients fulfill the important function […]

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My dog ​​eats very fast, what to do?

If the dog eats too fast it can become a serious problem, especially if you suffer from stomach sensitivity, larynx or if you simply get too full. Whatever the reason your dog eats too fast, in YourCatCareguide we will offer you some very useful advice to solve this problem. Keep reading this article to know what to do […]

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How to Choose My Dog’s Diet

Faced with a multitude of different brands and types of feed found in the market many dog ​​tutors are confused when choosing the ration of their dogs. It is not just about the difference of values, since good nutrition means a healthier dog and less likely to develop diseases in the future. Therefore, offering a good quality […]

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Amount of ration for a yorkshire

The yorkshire terrier has become one of the most popular dogs because of its small size, lovely appearance and hygiene, since they do not lose even one of their precious cloak. To keep you in perfect condition, we must offer you a series of minimal care that goes through proper nutrition, daily brushing, dental hygiene, exercise and bathing. […]

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