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Feeding of water turtles

The water turtle has started to be a popular pet because of its very simple caves , something that can help instill some responsibility in the little ones. But with regard to food, some doubts begin to exist, and sometimes we make some mistakes for lack of knowledge. The amount of food a water turtle should eat is often […]

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Feeding the raccoon

If you decided to adopt a raccoon as a pet it is very important that you know everything that is related to your care, especially your food. The raccoon is an omnivorous mammal, meaning that he eats meat as much as fruit and vegetables. It is important that you know how to calculate the doses of each meal, […]

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How many fingers does a cat have?

Have you ever wondered how many fingers have a cat? Well, many people may think that the cats’ fingers can be counted by the amount of cushions on their paws, or that the pussies have 20 fingers, just like the human being. However , cat paws usually have 18 toes, 05 on each of the front paws and 04 on each […]

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