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Amount of food for an American Akita

The American Akita is one of the most loyal dogs there is , has a total devotion to his family and fidelity is one of the most important behavior traits. To these valuable virtues are added a very robust and strong body, in fact, the American Akita can weigh up to 66 kilograms in the case of males […]

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Homemade cat meat recipe

Many people are looking to feed their cat in the most natural and healthy way possible. Following the natural behavior that cats have in nature it is important to know that cats are carnivorous mammals and that is why, in YourCatCareguide, we decided to elaborate this article with a homemade diet of cat meat . It may also […]

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Can dogs eat boiled bones?

It is very common that those who start making homemade diets for their dogs have several doubts, especially related ones like the bones and the cooking of the foods. If this is your case and you do not know if you can supplement your best friend’s recipes with bones for fear of suffering a health problem, […]

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Foods forbidden for parrots

The parrots are birds that are grouped within the family of psitácidas and we can come to distinguish a wide variety of species that are known with the same name and have similar characteristics. It is estimated to be approximately 300. There are many people who have seen the parrot as a fantastic pet, characterized by its great beauty and […]

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