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Permethrin poisoning in dogs – Symptoms and treatment

Everyone who has a dog at home knows the torture in which fleas and ticks can be converted , both because of the inconvenience they may cause to the animal, and because of the danger they are to their health and how difficult it can be to get rid of them. dog and even home. The drugs and drugs prescribed […]

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Common Diseases in Australian Parakeets

The Australian parakeets , also known as common parakeets are one of the pet birds takes more years in our homes, few can say they have never entered a house where there were a couple of these colorful birds. Although we associate them with longevity and sociability, captive life also has its negative consequences and it is […]

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Homemade dog remedy with swollen tummy

When the dog has a swollen belly, it is soon thought that the animal may have worms, which may not always be the true motive. The dog may have an ascite, which means that the dog has a swollen belly due to the presence of free fluid in the abdomen, popularly known as water’s belly, and […]

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