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Seizures In Cats And What You Can Do About Them

Seizures in cats are pretty uncommon, but they do happen. Seeing your cat have a seizure, or convulsion, is scary. It may look bad, but remember that your cat is not in pain during the seizure. What would cause your cat to have a seizure? Are there warning signs? Can natural treatments help? What Causes […]

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Never Trust Any Cats Over 30!

Some of you may be too young to remember the mantra of the 1960′s – “Never trust anyone over 30!” Of course, now that I’m WAY past 30, it makes me laugh. But should you trust your “over 30″ cat? In some ways, no. Cats are notorious for hiding symptoms of illness. By the time […]

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Is What They Say About White Cats True?

And what do they say about white cats? That they’re more susceptible to feline skin cancer. And yes, it’s true!You probably didn’t realize it, but your cat’s skin is the biggest organ in his body. And his skin is the most common place for cancer to develop, especially if he’s white.According to Dr. Ruthanne Chun, assistant […]

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Feline Eye Infections – Natural Treatments Can Help!

Eye infections are very common in cats, especially among kittens. Their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet, so they’re extremely susceptible to them. If left untreated, the kitten’s eyeball can swell, causing permanent damage, and even blindness. Symptoms of Eye Infections in Cats Squinting Watery or greenish-yellow discharge from the eyes Red or swollen eyelids. […]

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