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The Truth About Pet Vaccinations

This article, by Dr. Larry Siegler, is courtesy of Only Natural Pet Store. Most guardians have never been told the truth about vaccinations. On the contrary, you are likely to get annual notices from your veterinarian that your companion is “due for their annual booster shots”. The evidence against vaccinating, however, is overwhelming. Most veterinarians just […]

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Feline Homeopathy

This post is a very quick overview of the basics of homeopathy. For more information, see the resources at the bottom of this article. What Is Homeopathy? It’s a system of healing that stimulates your body to heal itself by strengthening your body’s natural defenses. Allopathic (mainstream) medicine sees symptoms of a disease as problems […]

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Cats As Therapy Animals

Most people are familiar with the idea of autistic kids working with dogs or horses. But a cat? Cats are supposed to be independent creatures who really could care less about their owners. Well, anyone who has a cat can dispute that. All cats are different, but the stereotype of a cat as an uncaring […]

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Tips For Living With A Blind Cat

It’s a sad fact that most animal shelters routinely euthanize blind cats because they’re considered unadoptable. The truth is that a blind cat can do almost anything a cat with its sight can do, including climb trees and chase birds! If your kitty is going blind or is blinded in an accident, don’t give up on […]

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