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Persian cat care

The Persian cat , with its majestic appearance and elegance, is one of the best-known and best-appreciated cats, both for its pretty hair and its flat nose and for its personality. He is a kind cat with a very calm and affectionate character , because they like pampering very much. But because of its morphological characteristics the Persian cat needs […]

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How to help a cat give birth

If your cat is not castrated and has access to the street and consequently to other cats, sooner or later she will become pregnant . Although instinct tells you exactly what to do, even in the case of cats that are moms for the first time, there is no harm in giving you extra help at this very […]

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How to Care for Aquarium Turtle

hen we speak of red ear turtle or yellow ear we are talking about subspecies of Trachemys scripta. This name comes from the typical appearance of it with spots of yellow or red color in the auditory region. In addition, they have stripes on the tail and legs. These turtles can grow up to about 40 centimeters and usually females […]

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What is the best age to castrate a dog? – Males and females

Once we make the wise decision to castrate our dog, can we have several questions about the best age to do so? You have certainly heard many versions, and you have seen all sorts of assumptions and experiences that can sometimes confuse us rather than guide us. In YourCatCareguide we try to expose, with pros and cons, what […]

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