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Siamese Cat Features

Undoubtedly, the breed of Siamese cat is the most popular among Brazilians, and is also one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Her brown coat, muzzle and black ears with blue eyes attract attention not only for beauty, but also for the practicality of caring, as she is a breed that does not […]

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Names for female cats in Japanese

Are you looking for Japanese names for your cat ? Here you will find very beautiful and meaningful names. We know that choosing a name for our lovely kitten just arrived at our house is not an easy task and that we will repeat it for many years, so it must be a beautiful, appropriate name and in this […]

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Names of chickens

More and more people choose to have a chicken as a pet. Chickens are very intelligent animals . Those who think chickens are stupid are very much mistaken. A recent article in the journal Animal Cognition has reviewed a number of scientific investigations that reveal that chickens are capable of logical reasoning and have distinct personalities [1] . The cognitive abilities of chickens are far […]

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A chinchilla as a pet

The chinchilla as a pet is an excellent decision. Domestic chinchillas have little to do with wild chinchillas. There are an extraordinary variety of hybrids of various colors, sizes and morphologies. In nature there are only two species: the short-tailed chinchilla and the chinchilla lanigera or long-tailed chinchilla. If you are considering adopting a chinchilla as a pet , do not miss this YourCatCareguide article where […]

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