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Tips to prevent my dog ​​from smelling bad

Are you looking for home-made tips to keep your dog from smelling bad ? Then he came to the right place. At YourCatCareguide we would like to offer you some advices that will greatly improve this problem and that will allow you to finally breathe better. The bad smell can be due to several factors including the sweat, the […]

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How To Cut a Cat at Home

Whether it’s because of the heat or because they have very long and embarrassed hair, it’s time to cut it. Cutting hair to a cat can be a relaxing therapy, or on the contrary, be a drama. A cat with a healthy hair and care, is a happy cat. This is a key moment in which your […]

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How To Clean Dry Dog – 3 Dry Bath Options!

The correct hygiene of the dog is very important to maintain his health and, therefore, keep your pet within the necessary conditions so that enjoy a good quality of life is owned by the tutors. However, at certain times, whether due to lack of time or because the dog can not bathe, this hygiene must be done […]

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Dog Clothes – A Luxury or a Necessity?

The use of clothes for dogs is somewhat controversial. Should I wear clothes to protect my dog ​​from the cold? Can my dog ​​wear clothes every day? Is it wrong to wear dog clothes? It is normal for you to ask yourself about the use of dog clothing, it only shows that you really care about his well-being and […]

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