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Playing with your cat is just as important as keeping him well fed and ensuring that he has a comfortable place to sleep, since without fun the cat ends up suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. To do this, we recommend that you set a daily play time and always follow the same routine for him to get used to.

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If you do not know how to play with your furry companion or what games you can do with it, keep reading this YourCatCareguide article and discover 10 cat jokes at home , easy and fun!

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The Importance of Playing with Your Cat

Cats are curious animals by nature and so ensuring that they are mentally stimulated is almost mandatory for tutors who want to have a healthy and happy animal. A good way to get this stimulation is to bet on the joke, since it covers the feline need for fun and your hunting instinct simultaneously. The lack of playful moments causes the cat to get bored, which can give rise to stress and other problems derived like the destruction of furniture.

As you may have noticed if you live with a cat, chasing prey to hunt is one of his favorite activities. This instinct is replaced by objects, which almost always involves the destruction of things relevant to us, such as underwear, shoes, etc. The problem arises when prey is us or other animals and they try to attack our hands or feet or bring dead animals home. This is part of your instinct and is not a problem of conduct, but rather a wrong education on the part of the tutor. When we decide to play with a puppy, constantly moving our hands, we do not realize that we are indicating that they are a toy for him to bite, which results in attacks in adulthood. In this way, it is possible to notice how play is essential for the cat, but how to play and educate properly is also relevant.

We recommend that you offer toys to the feline that ensure his safety, avoiding objects with small parts that can easily fall off and end up trapped in the pet’s throat. You should also avoid toys that provoke frustration in the animal, such as games that can not win or can not “hunt” (a clear example of this is the laser ). While it may seem like fun to see the cat chasing a light that it will never catch, this prank will create frustration in the cat as well as stress and anxiety, conditions that can lead to health problems.

Choose toys that allow you to entertain the cat and let him play alone, as well as some that require interaction on your part to strengthen the bond between both and improve communication. In general, cats are selective animals, so buying an expensive toy does not guarantee that they will like it. Knowing your pet and his tastes and preferences is essential to ensure that he has exactly what he needs.

Toys for cats alone

Some cats are more independent than others and prefer to have fun alone than to spend time playing with their human tutor alone. So the ideal is to combine the two types of jokes and spend hours of the day entertaining the cat alone and others playing with it. For the first option, we must be clear that the felines are animals that tire easily of the things . This means that in a few weeks or even days, it is likely that you will not play with the new toy you first loved. This is because the object is no longer new and curious. Do not forget that cats are curious animals by nature and need to discover new smells, textures, etc., constantly. To help with this, we recommend that you have a box with various toys and games,offering alternately . So, at some point the boring toy will come back to seem interesting.

A cardboard box, endless possibilities

Something as simple as an empty carton can be the best way to entertain your cat at home, since it is synonymous with endless possibilities for him. You can leave the box within reach so he or she decides when to come in and play or introduce some stimulating elements such as toys and treats inside the box. Thus, you will not only catch his attention to start the game, but you will also get him to associate the box with positive stimuli.

And, if you want to make the joke to entertain your cat even more fun, pack 3 or 4 boxes and create a maze with them so he can get in and out. Do not forget to distribute treats and toys in the labyrinth to guide the cat. If you are thinking of leaving a few hours and leaving the cat alone, this game will leave you entertained for some time.

Multi-story scrambler and toys

Everyone knows that cats love to sharpen their nails, so what better place for it than a fun scratcher? You can offer the add add that is just a blade to file the nails, or make one that owns more than one floor and has even a small house, feathers that represent the prey and other toys to entertain the cat. To do this, do not miss this article that teaches you how to make a home scraper, easy and economical: home scraper for cats .

Paper bag with surprise

That said, it may not even seem like a very stimulating joke to entertain your cat but, knowing that felines love to hide and get into any empty hole, it can be quite interesting. A paper bag can be a very fun toy for the animal if you know how to motivate the pet. So we recommend that you introduce several favorite treats or toys into the bag and it will quickly entertain you. If you leave the paper bag as surprise inside a cardboard box … the fun is guaranteed!

Kong, perfect for entertaining cat

The kong is a food dispenser toy perfect for entertaining the cat when he is alone. It is a very effective method to treat separation anxiety , so it is highly recommended. For him to start the game, you just need to put food or treats inside it, pressing lightly to make it difficult to extract. Then offer kong to the pet and he will quickly smell the food and start the game by trying to pull it out, which will entertain and motivate the cat.

Nowadays, there are many brands that bet on toys food dispensers, not having to get the kong brand in particular. However, we recommend that you evaluate the material well and opt for a tough one.

Find the dainty – a game with cardboard tubes

Do you often throw the rolls of toilet paper outside? So stop now! They are perfect for making fun, easy and economical games for cats. One can be made with rollers and with the lid of a cardboard box. To make this homemade cat toy, follow these steps:

  1. Take the cover of a medium-small cardboard box, about 20 cm wide.
  2. Cut the tubes in half, as they will put the treats inside the end.
  3. Fill the inside of the lid with the tubes placed vertically and glue the base with a sturdy glue.
  4. Let the glue dry thoroughly.
  5. Put treats inside some rolls and attach the game to the wall at the height of the cat so that it smells the food and try to remove it.

As you can see, making this toy is easy and fast and ensures that your cat’s mind is still active. Check out more toys like this in the article How to Make Toys for Cats with Cardboard .

Jokes to do with my cat

It is good to let the cat play alone, but it is even better if the tutor participates in the games. Playing with your feline will keep the pet entertained while strengthening your bond with him , boosting confidence and preventing disorders and conditions such as stress, boredom, loneliness or anxiety. Here are the funniest, easiest and most economical cat play games:

Prey hunting!

As you already know, cats are natural hunters and therefore the tutor should cover this need to prevent him from chasing prey alone. One good way to achieve this is the so-called ” fishing rods for cats “. In the market, they can be found in different colors and shapes, with feathers, play rats and other animals that simulate prey, capturing the cat’s attention. Choose what your furry companion likes best, set a time for the joke and enjoy a good time with him, moving the cane and making him chase after.

Do not forget that not winning can generate frustration in cats, so let him catch prey from time to time to prevent this from happening and not make the game too difficult.

Catch the ball

Finding and bringing the ball is not just a game of dogs, cats also enjoy these toys. To teach this game to the feline, follow these steps :

  1. Find the ball that your feline likes best and toss it so he catches it.
  2. At the same time, speak “catch” so he associates the act of catching the ball with the order. When he gets the ball, reward the pet with a treat.
  3. Once you have achieved this, you can teach the cat to bring the toy. To do this, when he has the ball in his mouth, call the cat close to you, pull the toy gently and offer a treat again – this will make him understand that the ball delivery act will get him a prize .
  4. Little by little, enter the command “loose” when he hands the ball and practice until your pet does it alone.

Tip: If you like to make homemade toys, you can make one yourself with a ball with string that also allows your cat to sharpen nails.

Hiding Hides – An Infallible Classic

Do you still remember having fun playing hide and seek when you were a kid? You can go back to playing with your cat! To start this game and entertain your cat, you only need to hide,call your mate and let him find you. In that moment, run, go back to hide and repeat the ritual. If it is your cat who hides, ask “Where is your cat’s name?” So that he associates these words with the beginning of the game.

Another simple game to play with your cat and that reminds us of our childhood is the so called ” catch-all “. You probably do not even need to teach your cat to play, since he does it naturally. Have you ever seen your feline run like crazy in front of you? At that moment, also run and start the persecution. When you reach him, he is likely to run off again for you to pursue.

These cat games not only entertain pets, but also make them practice exercise, which is necessary to avoid being overweight.

Play with old socks

Take a pair of old socks, knot them together with a very strong knot and make a few cuts at each end to create a kind of fringe. After you make the toy, catch the cat’s attention and start the game. To do so, move the socks energetically down the floor for the cat to chase them, letting them catch them from time to time.

In what glass is the reward?

The famous game of finding the prize can also be played with animals. It is as simple as getting 3 plastic cups or card and a delicacy with intense odor. Put one of the cups on the dainty the remaining cups on the side of it. Move the cups and let the cat choose the cup that has the prize through the lighthouse. This game is perfect for entertaining the cat, strengthen the ties between feline and guardian and have a good time together.

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