Cat Sleeps in the Sandbox – Causes and Solutions

Our domestic cats are the protagonists of countless situations that make us laugh too much. The peculiar behavior of cats leaves no one indifferent. From the obsession with cardboard boxes, to the sudden urge to play at 3am, to the positions that seem to be uncomfortable but in which they can sleep for hours …

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A strange and frequent behavior in some cats is sleeping in the litter. Does your cat sleep in the litter box ? He is not the only one! In this article by YourCatCareguide, we will explain the reason for this behavior and some solutions. Keep reading!

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Sleeping cat in box

Many cats like to stay asleep in the litter box. If your cat has always had this behavior, it does not necessarily mean that this is a symptom of a health problem. It may just be a behavioralissue . However, if this behavior is recent, you should be concerned as it may be one of the first symptoms of illness in your cat.

Next, let’s tell you some of the possible explanations for your cat sleeping in the litter box.

Is sick

A cat that is not well and needs to go to the bathroom more times than normal, can choose to always stay close to the box or even sleep inside it. So he avoids the risk of having to run when he has a sudden will. So you should also note if your cat:

  • Urine more times than normal
  • Has trouble urinating
  • Normally defends
  • It has urine and stools with the usual color and consistency.

If you notice any of the changes we mentioned, most likely that is why your kitten is sleeping in the litter box. You should consult your veterinarian for your feline to be properly examined and diagnosed.

In addition, several veterinarians describe this behavioral change as an early sign of different diseases, for example Diabetes or Kidney Disease . For this reason, it is imperative that you consult your veterinarian whenever you notice a behavioral change in your cat. Your careful observation and early doctor’s appointment may be the key to successful treatment as it allows an illness to be detected in its initial phase.


Another possibility is that your cat feels more comfortable in the litter box than anywhere else in the house. Mainly if you have more than one litter box or you always have the litter box clean, your cat can feel comfortable inside it and prefer to sleep there than elsewhere. However, this is not advisable! You can not control that the box is always clean, because it can urinate or defecate at any moment in it. For hygiene reasons and for the cat’s own health, you should make sure he has other places where you feel comfortable sleeping.

A simple cardboard box can be the chosen spot for your cat to sleep rested and stop sleeping in the litter box.


Stressed cats can change their behavior. A new member in the family, a new pet, a change of house, are all stressful reasons for your feline and that can lead you to find a safer place to rest. And in his head, what better place than the little box where no one will bother you and still only smell him?

Usually the litter boxes are in places of little movement and the cat feels very safe there. If he feels threatened in the rest of the house, it is normal for him to find the safest place to rest .

Defense of territory

Cats are very territorial animals. The arrival of a new member in the house can make your cat feel his resources threatened and end up feeling the need to stay protecting what is his, including the litter box.

The same can happen to a new cat in the house and the current resident does not let him use the box. If he has already taken a few kicks while going to the bathroom, it is normal for him to sleep in the litter box to ensure he can use it when he needs it.

Although some cats may share their resources peacefully, such as the litter, some prefer their privacy and refuse to use a box used by other cats. To avoid these problems, you should always tailor the number of litter boxes to the number of cats at home . The ideal is to have n + 1 boxes , being in the number of cats. That is, if you have 2 kittens, you should have 3 boxes of sand.

Also, remember that introducing a new cat at home should always be done gradually . Read our full article on this topic: How to get used to one cat to another .

My cat sleeps in the litter box – solutions

Given all that we have mentioned, it is important that you analyze the specific situation of your cat and consult your trusted veterinarian. Also, follow these tips :

  • You should ensure that you have the number of litter boxes suited to the number of house cats.
  • Have comfortable and safe places for your cat to sleep (walk in a corner of the house, a little shelter on the shelf where he loves to climb and other places where your cat feels completely safe).
  • All changes at home should be made progressively to avoid the stress of your cat.
  • If your cat is very nervous, the use of synthetic pheromones, such as the feliway brand, can be very helpful in making him feel calmer at home.

It is also important that you observe both your cat’s behavior on a daily basis , as well as other minor changes that may indicate that something is not right with it. Be it the amount of water he drinks, if he is eating well, gets lost more by the usual than even the consistency, appearance and frequency of urine and feces. A guardian of small changes is undoubtedly fundamental for the early detection of certain diseases, which greatly improves their prognosis. And in doubt, always consult your trusted veterinarian. Is there anyone better than him, a trained professional, to entrust his furry life?

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