Cat Sticks – Why Not Good?

Certainly you are accustomed to cat rattles since they have become famous in animal designs. But, are you sure that this practice is healthy for your pet or have doubts? If the answer is yes, at the ExpertAnimal we explain to you why you should not put a rattle on your cat’s collar .

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Are rattles not good for cats? Do the rattles leave the deaf cats? Or, do cats like the rattles? These are some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. The fact is that the felines have a very developed auditory sense and putting ourselves in the skin of our cat will help to understand why the rattles are not a good idea .

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A bit of history: Rattles for cats

The famous phrase, ” Who puts the rattle on the cat? ” Comes from one of the most famous fables of the English poet Odo de Sherington, “The Book of Cats,” written in the twelfth century. It tells how a group of desperate mice find the solution to their problems by placing a rattle on the cat that denounced it, but of course, putting this fabulous idea into practice was something more complicated.

In addition to this literary reference, we are bombarded with images of adorable cats with rattles, as is the case of the famous Doraemon, the cat Fluffy, etc. Maybe that’s why if you have the tendency to associate the use of the rattle as an aesthetic something necessary for our pet, when the truth is that cats with rattle do not usually get very pleased.

In spite of all this, society is becoming more informed and there are now many people who advocate the health of cats explaining why it is not healthy to use these noisy props.

Why do cats use rattle?

Although there are other solutions to the issues that follow, there are three main reasons why people put rattles on their animals. Are they:

  • Esthetic : Having the historical precedent, we know that for many it is lovely to see your pets with a beautiful rattle around the neck.
  • Location : The rattle is also used to locate the cat at all times, especially if our cat likes to leave the house and visit the neighbors.
  • Warning : Cats are stealth hunters and rattles used to help their poor victims, such as birds and some rodents. At the sound of the rattle the fangs had time to flee quietly, as the rats of the fable wanted.

If you thought about using this object for another type of need the Animal Expert can help you find solutions so that both your cat and you are happy. Remember that cat health issues are always more important than those related to aesthetics.

A health issue

Despite these three reasons, putting a rattle on the cat has more disadvantages than anything else. Although it may not seem like it, the rattles can be a real torture to our little friend.

First, bear in mind that the purpose of a rattle is to make noise and it is precisely this aspect that makes it a negative thing for cats. Felines have a keen sense of hearing, are stealthy and daring, and having a trim-trim so close to the ears can upset them more than you think.

We propose to you an exercise, imagine that you have a cell phone around your neck and play all day … that’s right! That’s how the cat will feel. A constant noise so close to the ears has terribly negative effects on your pet, the most outstanding are:

  • Nervousness
  • Stress
  • Hearing deficiency

Cats like calm and quiet, so deliberately changing it will only harm your pet’s quality of life . Placing a rattle on our cat may mean having a frightened, stressed and apathetic cat. Noisy environments are one of the 13 things that cats do not like .

Myths and Truths

O guizo deixa o gato surdo

No. But it can cause irreversible damage to the cat’s eardrum. Although there are no scientific studies in this regard, we know that the auditory system of cats is as complex as that of humans, which makes it possible to deduce that if we subject the cat to a high and constant noise, so close to his hearing aid, we will cause a significant deterioration in it. It’s like wearing headsets with loud music all day, every day.

The use of rattles in cats is dangerous

Yes. As already explained, there are more negative aspects than positive ones on that day regarding the subject of the rattles. Also, remember that if the cat feels that something is bothering him, he will do everything to make it disappear, and then he can suffocate with the collar or tear off a nail trying to pry the rattle off.

All rattles are bad for cats

No. In this article we always make reference to the rattles on collars, but do not forget that our cat friends are magnificent hunters. So if you want your cat to play with rattles, we recommend that you make a homemade toy for cats by placing the rattles in a sock or some ball so they can chase and hunt.

If in spite of all this it seems necessary for your cat to use a rattle, we recommend you use a small rattle to make the noise as low as possible. The truth is, we do not rattle cats, will you even do that?

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