The Sphynx cat is a really unique cat, was the first to be accepted as a breed without fur or without apparent coat and what is true is that they generate enjoyment and displeasure in human society. Many breeders suggest that it comes from the Devon Rex breed once they share very identical characteristics.

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They have appeared naturally throughout history since their lack of hair is due to a mutation, a common process in the evolution of any species. They were the creators of Canada, who in the 1960s decided to define and maintain the characteristics of cats that did not seem to have hair. Continue reading this breed profile of YourCatCareguide and learn more about this breed of cat.

  • America
  • Canada
 FIFE classification
  • Categoria III
 Physical characteristics
 Average weight
  • 3-5
  • 5-6
  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-14
 Hope of life
  • 8-10
  • 10-15
  • 15-18
  • 18-20

Physical appearance

It is a medium-sized cat, long and muscular. Its large ears stand out over its body, which forms folds in various areas. Although it is considered that the cat Sphynx has no hair, the reality is that the hair is very thin and short , so much that you can not see. There are a lot of color combinations that result in unique examples.


Sphynx cats are usually sweet and peaceful . They like to rest in comfortable places next to you while enjoying a moment of calm and tranquility. Usually they are friendly, curious and intelligent, although as we already know, each cat is different.


Although it seems delicate or fragile at first, the Sphynx cat is a sturdy and strong cat. To keep it in an optimal state you must take it with the proper regularity to the veterinarian to confirm that it is well and that the parasitoid when it is necessary. Vaccines are a very important part of your health, do not neglect this aspect.

Some of the diseases that can affect your Sphynx cat are:

  • Feline Leukemia: It is infectious and contagious through blood or saliva. Hygiene and preventative vaccination will prevent him from suffering from this disease.
  • Infectious Peritonitis: Very contagious, present in the feces of the infected animal.
  • Herpesvirus: Affects the respiratory tract.
  • Panleucopenia: Severe and contagious infection that also passes through the stool.
  • Rage.
  • Chlamydia: Disease of the upper respiratory tract. Creates conjunctivitis and rhinitis.
  • Rash: It also affects the upper respiratory tract. Very undesirable in young specimens.

And as with any cat, they can also affect the internal as well as the external parasites. Prevent this problem from developing through proper deworming at your reliable veterinary center.


You should have your Sphynx cat in a warm place . Remember that hair is a protection against temperature changes and this breed in particular costs them to remain stable. Especially in winter pay attention to the temperature of your cat Sphynx.

Hygiene also has its importance in this breed since it usually gets soiled with ease. You need the owner’s help to stay clean, and you need a shower every 20 to 30 days. In addition, it also lacks eyelashes, which causes it to tear excessively. Clean them with saline solution and remove them every day.

The ears also need specific care because this breed accumulates a large amount of fat in the auditory pavilions. Consult your veterinarian to advise him and show him how to do it.

Finally and to finish with the hygiene, we emphasize the importance of cleaning the nails as well as the environment in which it is. Because of its lack of hair, it is often soiled and loose some fat from its natural layer of protection, so if we are not careful cleaning we can end up with a sad and dirty cat.

In addition, the Sphyns cat needs proper feeding . In the market you will find a specific ration for this unusual breed, always focused on your needs. It is also very important to leave fresh and clean water at your fingertips.

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