Cat jokes – what is the ideal time?

Cats are social animals, active and curious. For this reason, they can never miss jokes in their daily routine. As well as being a very beneficial activity for them , it helps foster bonding with the owner, lowers anxiety and stress levels, and can even help fight depression .

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Despite this, not everyone knows how much time each day should play with the cat, which often causes them to forget about this positive activity. Find out in this YourCatCareguide article the ideal time for cat jokes . You will be surprised!

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Importance of playing with the cat

Cats are social animals and, although it may seem, they do not have so much fun playing alone. You probably already offered a toy to your cat, which he enjoyed for hours. Over time, however, it eventually became oblivious somewhere! This is because cats need to be stimulated to potentiate their play behavior. For this reason, your presence is very important!

Play is a primordial activity to favor behaviors typical of felines, such as the hunting instinct . For this reason, they are especially attracted to toys such as “fishing rods” or those that emit different sounds.

It is important to note that the behavior of a cat of 3 months before a game or a joke, will not be the same as an adult or elderly cat. Therefore, we must always adapt the play sessions to the specific physical and mental abilities of each cat.

But how do cats play with humans? There are many types of games that you can play with your gelino and if your cat can participate positively in these games, it is a clear indicator of happiness and well-being .

How long should I play with my cat?

There is no set and accurate time to play with the cat, as each animal has its own needs. Despite this, it is ideal that your feline can play with you or your family every day for at least half an hour .

Some cats with a high energy level may require longer play sessions while others may get bored or even frustrated with very long play sessions. The best way to know how much time you should play with your cat is to spend time to get to know him better and analyze his specific needs.

Toys for cats

In the market we find numerous toys designed exclusively for our felines and it is not always easy to choose one. In addition to the cat toys available in the market , which include intelligence games and food dispensers, you can make toys for your cat yourself. Sometimes cats’ favorite toys are those made out of cardboard .

As we mentioned earlier, toys that motivate cats more easily include sounds or the classic “fishing rods”. Another interesting joke is the hide-and-seek: you can hide prizes for the cat to find. There are many possibilities, the best way is to get to know your cat well and find out what he likes best. If you would like to know more activities, see our article with 10 cat games .

good joke session should not be too long. It should include short breaks and it is important that it is relatively calm, not to favor the feline’s discontrol, which at times can end with a scratch or a strong bite. These details are especially important and should be taken into account when knowing how to play with a kitten puppy, who is still learning to play properly.

How old are cats playing?

Most cats continue to maintain active or moderate game behavior until they reach adulthood. Others continue into old age, but it depends on each specific case, so it is impossible to define exactly how old a cat will play.

It is important to note that if the cat suffers from some disease, it can resist the play stimuli, since it can have pain . A very clear example is arthritis in older cats .

If two cats play together, is that enough?

It is likely that the companionship of another cat will help your feline to cover some of your social needs if you spend a lot of time alone. Despite this, he continues to need his company. It is important that before adopting another cat read our article on how to introduce two cats correctly .

If your cats have never socialized with other cats and apart from that, they have been separated too early from the mother and siblings (before 3 weeks of age) … you will probably have many difficulties in relating to other cats, since the stage of socialization was very poor.

In these cases, it is very common for tutors to question “how to know if my cat is fighting it.” The problem is that cats not socialized correctly do not know the rules of the games or do not control bites and scratches as they should. If your cat was not socialized, it is best to bet on the correct environmental enrichment of the house, so as to provide you with entertainment when you are not.

On the other hand, if your cat was adopted around 3 months of age and had the opportunity to socialize with other cats throughout life, adopting a cat can be an excellent option.

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