Is cat in apartment happy?

Despite the years they have been domesticated, cats maintain innate instincts that they share with other wild cats. For this reason, many cat owners wonder if actually having a pussy at home is a positive thing. Also, if you have ever let your feline out of the house, you will have watched him amuse himself by climbing trees or chasing small animals that he encounters … And that ends with a gift!

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However, all those who do not have the opportunity to let the cat out for some reason, wonder if a cat is happy in an apartment . In this article by YourCatCareguide, you will find the answers you are looking for, and will explain the ideal situation and how to make a cat happy if it is not possible to provide it. Keep reading and find out all about indoor cats!

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Are cats in apartments happy?

When your cat is at home sleeping peacefully, eating or playing with you, the last thing you think about is that he may be sad or that you are not offering him everything he needs. On the one hand this is how the cat’s well-being is guaranteed if it gives him attention and the care he needs to live in dignity.

On the other hand, stating that all cats are happy or unhappy when they stay home is a mistake, as each cat has its own personality and needs. Did you know that there are 5 feline personalities ? According to Lauren Finka, there are different personalities in which we can encompass the entire feline population. For example, in the case of the cat-human, we would not see serious problems leaving him at home all day. On the contrary, the cat-hunter could experience frustration and stress by being trapped and unable to develop his innate behavior, which he longed to experience.

If your cat is very active and even hyperactive, he is probably very distant from the typical “domestic cat” image that does not do much more than sleep and enjoy a quiet life at home. What should we do then? Should we let him leave or bet on improving his quality of life?

Advantages and disadvantages of having a cat in apartment

When adopting a cat, we must provide you with the five freedoms of animal welfare , which will assure us that your emotional state is positive. Precisely for this reason, in order to avoid any tragedy, many people decide to prevent the cat from leaving the house, even when they have a garden. Would that be appropriate? Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages:

Do not let a cat leave the house

  • You can ensure that the cat has at all times what you need: food, a bed, water …
  • In very active cats, not being able to quit can generate frustration and stress.
  • Hours of fun, development, and stimulation depend on the owner.
  • We can more or less realistically simulate outer space with trunks or other objects.

Let the cat out of the house

  • The cat performs the physical activity it needs.
  • You can experience all the time with the stimuli you encounter.
  • It can develop the boundless hunting instinct, which is innate in the feline.
  • It could lead to an unwanted gestation.
  • There is a risk of getting lost, poisoned, or run over.

A cat that is not happy at home or does not receive the care it needs will show it by failing to feed, overeating, developing obesity, urinating out of its litter box or showing different behavioral problems. In the most serious cases you should consult a veterinarian or ethologist to know the causes that are actually causing this behavior and take the necessary measures.

In contrast, if you ask yourself, “How do you know if my cat is happy with me?” You should learn more about feline language and analyze some of the signs that a cat is happy to make sure it is properly meeting the needs of your cat. cat and that lack of access to the outside is not a problem for him.

How to make a happy cat in apartment?

So, can a cat live in an apartment? Logical! But how can we prevent the suffering and stress that some domestic cats might experience? The key is enriching the environment, which will help us provide you with enough physical and mental stimulation to prevent behavior, frustration or anxiety problems from appearing.

Cats are curious animals, which remarkably improve their quality of life and their entertainment with objects you do not even suspect, like a simple cardboard box. Want to know more? Here are some tips for you to know how to make an indoor cat happy:

  • Leave interactive toys for the cat to enjoy during his absence, such as toys with sound, metal sets or food dispensers. There are a wide variety of toys on the market!
  • Did you know that scratching and nail polishing is one of the favorite activities of cats? This behavior is not only to sanding the sharp claws, it is also a form of marking and communication. Provide different types of scrapers for you to try out.
  • If you have space on the walls, bet on the installation of bridges, walkways and other structures for your cat. Felines love the heights and will enjoy this new custom space.
  • Have you ever tasted cat fennel or catnip ? This plant in a potent effect on the cat as it helps to stimulate it. You can wrap it in your toys or spread it on the floor. If your cat has never tried catnip, you should try.
  • At home, you should take time to play with your cat, avoiding using the same toys that you leave out of reach when you are alone. Take a fishing rod and enjoy while your cattle chase the feathers.
  • In order for your best friend to remain interested in your toys, leave everyone in a box and make a relay so that each day has a different one.
  • How long can a cat be alone at home? Although these are independent animals, remember that they need our company to be happy and receive the daily dose of socialization they deserve. Never leave a cat alone for more than 24 hours.

Now you already know some tricks that can improve your feline’s home and that also help your cat to stay mentally active and physically fit. Do you dare to try them?

Have a cat in apartment and make him happy

Cats are habit-forming animals, so it can provide them with a positive emotional state even if they do not go abroad if they fulfill some of the necessary care and follow the same routines. Remember that a change that seems insignificant to you could destabilize you enormously.

When you are at home, make sure your cat feels loved and receives the attention he deserves. And although not all cats are affectionate, it does not mean that they do not need you or that they do not love you. Each one shows his affection differently, depending on different factors.

We can not always guarantee that an indoor cat is happy , however, we can strive to ensure the best conditions, provide the necessary environment and offer you, as far as possible, the experiences you want to experience.

For example, you can try to teach your cat to walk on a leash and thus satisfy a part of your curiosity without compromising your safety. In addition, you can also allow access to the balcony or terrace, previously installing a safety net that prevents a fall.

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