The Balinese is a cat that has its origins in the United States and that descends of the Siamese and other cats of long hair. It is a very beautiful and soft domestic cat that will leave its owners enchanted. Find out all about this cat breed next on ExpertAnimal.

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  • America
  • U.S
 FIFE classification
  • Category IV
 Physical characteristics
 Average weight
  • 3-5
  • 5-6
  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-14
 Hope of life
  • 8-10
  • 10-15
  • 15-18
  • 18-20
 Type of hair

Physical appearance

As we can see, it is a stylized cat following the style of the Siamese, although this one has an abundant and thick hair. We can find it of all the basic colors including white, blue or chocolate.

Its noble appearance makes it different from other cat breeds and, although it looks thin and weak, the Balinese has long, strong legs that allow it to exercise actively throughout the day.

We emphasize its triangular head of Asian and fine appearance with two large and pointed ears that gives him a surprised and alert appearance. The eyes are usually deep blue and clean.


It is a cat very loyal to its owner that can even get to ignore the other members of his family, his behavior is very affectionate, sweet and friendly with which he gives him food, cares and caress.

The Balinese cat usually gets along well with children, as it is a playful and active breed that will not hesitate to spend time following mops, rat toys and others. He likes to attract your attention and that of other people because we speak of an eccentric cat that hates to go unnoticed.

We emphasize his predisposition to “speak”, because the Balinese has a very elegant and different meow of the other cats that we know, it should be clear that he does not mind that he devotes part of his time to communication.

He has a strong personality that sometimes prevents him from living with other cats in the same house, as we mentioned before, it is an egocentric cat that only wants to be him to receive pampering.


The care of the Balinese cat is not different from that of another pet, should maintain its state of health in perfect conditions taking it to the veterinarian, deworming it when necessary and having the basic elements in the house, such as: bowl for food and another for the drink, a comfortable bed, sandbox, toys and scrapers.

It is important that you brush your hair long at least twice a week, otherwise your hair will become easily embarrassed, dirty and may form knots. At the time of hair change, brushing should be daily.


The Balinese cat, when descending from Siamese, may suffer from strabismus , which is a change of the optic nerve and nystagmus, a rapid movement of the eye forwards and backwards. But if you vaccinate your cat and take him to the vet with adequate frequency, he will not have any health problems.

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