Cat and hamster coexistence

Many people have doubts when adopting a new pet if it comes to experiencing the coexistence between a cat and a hamster . Although not always a good relationship between them, it is not impossible to make them respect and can live under the same roof, always taking certain precautions.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we will work out some options and suggestions to foster the conviviality between these two pets , so that they can enjoy the company of both.

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The cat is a predator

Although cats have become household pets in several homes, we must be aware that the cat is and always will be a predator, moreover, a predator whose favorite prey are mice.

Yet it should never be generalized and the behavior of a cat in front of a hamster will always depend on the individual character and temperament of each cat. It is imperative that the cat becomes familiar with other pets and also with these rodents, for this, there is nothing better than raising the cat since small with a hamster, although it is also true that young cats are more active to hunt their hold that the older cats.

On many occasions, an adult cat does not attach special importance to other pets and the same can happen if the cat has been properly familiarized, as discussed earlier.

Presentation of the cat and the hamster

For starters, once you adopt your new pet you should introduce them properly . Let the cat and hamster know each other, always separated through a cage.

Observe the attitude of the cat and the hamster, whether it is passive, whether the cat tries to hunt, if the hamster is afraid, etc.

After observing the presentations, try to be alert to any hunting instinct on the part of the cat. We recommend that when you are not at home place a suitcase to protect the hamster cage or isolate it in an enclosed room. Cats are intelligent pets who will learn quickly to open a cage door, thus avoiding heartbreak.

Although generally the friendship between hamster and cat does not usually be successful, we sometimes observe that the cat does not have a predatory instinct but rather a willingness to play with the new pet. This is often the case with young cats, the best time to socialize themand achieve a fantastic friendship.

The coexistence between cat and hamster is possible whenever the necessary precautions are taken and respecting the limits of their coexistence when appropriate.

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