Caring for your parakeet

The common parakeet or Australian parakeet is considered around the world as a pet, it is the most popular cage bird in the world.

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They are as intelligent as some large parrots and can be domesticated without problems. They are able to learn to land on their hand, to play with certain elements, to repeat words and to imitate acts. They like company and joy.

If you have one or are considering adopting this fantastic bird, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide and know all the care you should have with your parakeet .

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The cage you choose for your parakeet is very important as it is where you will spend most of the day. It should be at least 50 centimeters wide , considering that your flight type is horizontal, we recommend you look for a cage that is wider than tall. If you want to include another parakeet member in the cage, remember that its size should be larger. As perches you can use branches of fruit trees, which you can find for sale in pet stores. This type of perches are excellent because with them the birds exercise their paws in elements of different sizes.

Provide you with a feeder (inside if possible) as well as a suitable water cooler, you should keep both elements always fresh and clean. At the bottom of the cage you should also add a special kind of soil with calcium that will stimulate them properly.

The accessories of the parakeet cage should be in line with its size, ie do not put a thousand and one perches and toys if the pet does not have room to move. If you want a very decorated cage then think about buying a large one. It may include a swing, ropes or stairs.

The location , as in the case of other pets, should always be in a place free of smoke, direct sun, drafts or excessive noise. Look for a quiet, cool and harmonious place for your pet to feel happy.

You can also have your parakeets abroad, taking into consideration that they should have their shade space, not expose them to excessive cold or excessive heat as well as being sheltered from the rain.


The basic diet of the parakeet is based on birdseed and millet, you can find ready-made mixtures, as we already mentioned is a very common bird. It is also very important to add a ziba bone or a piece of calcium.

As extra food can offer them lettuce leaves , something they like a lot. In addition, you can try giving them small pieces of fruit such as pear, apple and watermelon. Greens are also an option for parakeets because they like beets, peas, corn and carrots. The fruits and vegetablesare essential food supply of these animals.

Another element that can offer your parakeets is alfalfa, adored by most birds, although it should restrict the doses because it is quite caloric.


It is essential that the cage and the elements inside it have a regular cleaning . The accumulation of excrement as well as food can cause your pet a lot of diseases.

Check the budgie from time to time to make sure it has no insects (focus your attention on the wings), it can eliminate your insecticide presence available at pet stores, do not worry it will not be harmful to it.

Although they are very clean animals should provide you something extra to prevent diseases. There are small swimming pools for sale to get wet, something they like especially in the summer. If you can not find one you can do it with a small plastic container that has easy access and fill it with water. You can also use a sprayer.

If you notice any signs of illness it is important that you consult the veterinarian. See in this YourCatCareguide article which are the most common diseases in Australian parakeets .

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