Feline Diabetes And Caring For Your Diabetic Cat

diabetic_catA diagnosis of feline diabetes comes as a complete shock for many cat owners. You probably have many questions. What exactly is cat diabetes? What options do you have for feline diabetes treatment? Can natural remedies for cats help in controlling diabetes in cats?

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What Is Feline Diabetes?

treatment_pageA kitty with this disease has problems either producing or using insulin, which keeps the levels of glucose in the blood at normal levels. High blood sugar levels cause liver and kidney problems, gastrointestinal troubles, and an increased risk of infections. If left untreated, a diabetic cat can go into a coma and die.

Overweight cats are prone to developing feline diabetes

Diabetes may be in your kitty’s future, especially if he’s a middle-aged male who is carrying too much weight.

Feline Diabetes Treatment

Treatment for feline diabetes often starts with the cat being hospitalized while his blood sugar levels are stabilized.You and your cat’s vet will need to work together to develop a long-term treatment plan for Kitty before he comes home from the hospital.A good relationship with your vet is essential, since you and the vet will need to work together in controlling your pet’s diabetes.

Be aware that caring for a diabetic cat does take a lot of time, especially at first, when you’re learning how to check your kitty’s blood sugar levels, and how to give him insulin injections.

Even though it can be challenging at first, many cat owners are very successful in managing diabetes in cats. After a while, blood sugar tests and insulin shots will become routine, both for you and your feline conmpanion.

Are Natural Remedies For Cats Helpful In Controlling Feline Diabetes?

Many human diabetics are using herbal remedies and dietary supplements to help control their blood sugar levels. Research has shown that these same remedies are safe and effective for cats, too.The remedy should contain chromium, along with the herbs fenugreek, goat’s rue, and astragalus.

Always talk with your vet before you start using natural remedies for cats.Your vet may already know about these remedies, and should be able to work with you. Since it may be possible to control diabetes in cats by making dietary changes and using natural remedies, you’ll need to check your kitty’s blood sugar levels often.Your cat’s insulin dosage may need to be changed by the vet.

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