Caring for puppies

The puppies for adoption are undoubtedly the sweetest and tenderest part of the life of a dog, are the Pitbull, Boxer or German Shepherd. They all need the same attention, the same learning process and the same amount of affection.

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Although it is a fun time in which the whole family works to teach the world to the dog, we also find the constant care they need.

In spite of their friendly appearance we must take into account that the dogs are not toys, they are living beings who have just arrived in this world and who need someone responsible at their side. To help you, at YourCatCareguide we put at your disposal everything about caring for puppies .

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Caring for puppies indoors

Although for us to adopt a puppy is a fun and great experience, the truth is that for the dog is not a pleasant feeling at all. They are separated from their mother and siblings, which makes them suffer a little shock leaving them distracted and scared.

It is important to know that the dog needs someone who replaces his mother’s figure because they are social animals that learn through their community or family. Do not adopt a puppy if you do not have time to dedicate it to him , if we are separating him from his mother he needs someone available 24 hours a day or two or three people who take turns.

Puppies need the same objects as an adult dog: bowl for food and another for drink, strap and collar, a dresser bed and many newspapers if you have not yet learned to do the needs in the place you should.

Once everything is ready and ready we can open the doors to the new member of our family. It should give you the freedom to smell everything, observe and relate to your new home. A sign that indicates that the dog is relaxed is the fact that he wants to smell everything, a proper behavior.

Be patient with him, because at first you will not realize the meaning of what he is trying to convey, so we recommend that you begin as soon as possible positive training , offering you rewards every time you correctly perform an action that you deem appropriate.

Remember that if there are kids at home you should warn them about how they should act with it, respecting their tranquility, rest times and at the time of their daily meals.

Education of puppies

Puppies are animals with their own autonomy, which means that although you educate them well and with all good intentions, sometimes they will behave unexpectedly by biting shoes, pissing in the pillow or digging in your garden.

By 16 weeks of age, the dog should go to the vet to be given the vaccines , only after that he can go out to explore and start with his socialization , a fundamental process in the life of the dog in which he learns to relate with your environment and with other pets.

At first a puppy will learn this process much faster if it is with your mother, who will guide you in a proper way. If it is not so, we should be teaching our dog how to behave by setting rules and always using positive reinforcement. You should never catch, scare or use force with a dog, as it can traumatize the dog for life.

Some things you should teach your puppy is to make their needs outside the home as well as to learn what objects may bite to stimulate their teeth. You can buy different toys in specialized stores to find out what they call your attention the most.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size that the puppy will have as an adult. We recommend that you be cautious and do not allow the animal to jump on people if, in the future, it reaches more than 40 kilos of weight.

At the time of education must be constant and for this the whole family should be involved in the education process , everyone should follow the same rules, otherwise the dog will be confused.

Encourage tranquility and a positive attitude inside and outside the home, so that in the adulthood the dog behaves kindly and appropriately.

Feeding of puppies

Feeding a puppy should be according to your specific needs and although we can advise you on dietary habits, the person who can best assess your particular case is the veterinarian.

In order for your puppy to grow properly you must use Junior range feed , you will find several different and specific types available for this important step in your puppy’s growth. It is advisable to vary the feeding of the dog, regardless of the stage of his life, for this reason in addition to food can also offer you from time to time moist food that allows extra hydration of our dog.

As we mentioned before, some dogs have specific needs , as in the case of large dogs, in these cases the veterinarian may recommend us extra calcium to avoid the appearance of bone problems. Vitamins are another example of extra supplement.

Another factor to take into account are the treats, perfect for using positive reinforcement, although remember that you can also use another type of prize such as caresses, a walk or a kind word.

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  • It is preferable to use a harness rather than a collar, thus avoiding serious eye problems.
  • Distribute your dog’s food in two meals a day, thus facilitating its digestion.
  • Always use positive reinforcement.
  • Purchase food and toys specific to your age.
  • Remember the importance of socialization, without it your dog can turn into a doggy, aggressive or antisocial dog.
  • Ask your veterinarian for advice whenever you need it.
  • Do not walk your dog in the hours of extreme sunshine or exercise for a long time.
  • Leave plenty of fresh water at your disposal.
  • Offer her much love and affection.
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