Caring for cats in summer

Cats are animals that support the heat well, they like to lie in the sun and spend hours getting a nice warmth. But in the summer you should redouble your care because the sun is too strong and can be harmful to them, causing even the long-term the much-feared skin cancer. So in YourCatCareguide we will show you some care with the cats in the summer that must have.

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Food and fresh water

To keep your cat fresh and hydrated in the summer, it is vital that you have fresh water and food at a good temperature throughout the day. At this point it is also important that you know how much water a cat should drink per day , do not miss our article with this information. For water there are two options that help us to have it fresh without having to worry about renewing it:

  1. The water cooler with ice : place the water with some ice cubes at your disposal and thus guarantee the freshness of its main source of hydration.
  2. A source of water : online stores and pet stores can find sophisticated accessories, drinkers no longer have to be typical plastic ones, now you can give them water in a fountain and that makes it always fresh. Also, cats like this effect.

The food should also have a nice temperature, as we do not like to eat in the summer too hot food, with cats happens the same thing, especially if eating canned food should make sure it is nice. For example, you can give her more meals and less amounts instead of putting everything in the food container and staying there all day.

Attention to the hours of more heat

Your cat can not count how many hours of sunshine it takes, so it’s up to you to make sure your cat avoids the hottest hours, from 12:00 to 17:00 , not letting him absorb the sun’s rays directly because it could be very dangerous.

Cats can suffer from heat stroke to skin cancer and both are serious and damaging to their life. So you should keep it at home and in the shade when you see that it is on the terrace, otherwise it may not stand the heat.

Providing you with moments of shade and rest is key. So you should have your strategic zones at home where you can stay comfortable and not catch the sun.

Protect the cat from the sun’s rays

Besides controlling the hours , as it is summer is unavoidable that it does not take sun, so it is important to be careful.

You can protect your cat from the sun with sunscreens just as we do with our skin. You can put a little cream on your nose and on the parts most exposed to the sun like the ears and that the hair does not protect as much.

Hair is a natural part of your body, and although we may think it causes you more warmth, it does protect you a lot. The bad part of your physique is that it only eliminates heat through the paws and this makes your process to cool down slower than in humans.

Therefore, our help is not too much. In addition to the sunscreens we can also help you by wetting your paws a little and moistening a towel and carefully passing it over your head.

Home Care

In addition, it is important to take into account some more advice such as having the house windows closed . If they are open, by instinct the cat will go to them to catch some breeze and with the heat can slip. Not to mention that he would be too exposed to the sun on the window sill.

Another key point is that you know to check if your cat is dehydrated. So do not miss our information in the article on how to know if a cat is dehydrated .

And what do you do to take care of your cat in the summer? What tricks do you use not to abuse the sun? Share everything with us!

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